‘Attempts to interfere into domestic and foreign policy of Azerbaijan is no good as such attempts will be not effective’
Chief of the Presidential Administration’s department for socio-economic affairs Ali Hasanov`s interview to AzerTAc
19.05.2014 [15:00]
- In an interview to the Liberty radio, US ambassador to Azerbaijan Richard Morningstar voiced some negative ideas about the state of democracy in Azerbaijan, country’s domestic and foreign policy. We would like to know your opinion on this. - First of all, I would like note that Azerbaijan and USA have had good relations for over
Foundation for Success
Interview of Azerbaijani First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva to The Business Year
14.05.2014 [19:17]
Azerbaijani First Lady, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva has given an interview to The Business Year magazine. AzerTAc presents the full text of the interview
Single Azerbaijan-Turkey policy brings real results
Interview with chief of the department for socio-political affairs at the Azerbaijani President`s Administration Ali Hasanov
25.04.2014 [17:32]
All Armenians in the world mark on April 24 the 99th anniversary of the fictitious “Armenian genocide”, which was ostensibly committed in the early 20th century. Many believe that no matter how much Armenians expand their propaganda campaign based on lies, it has already lost its momentum. What do you think of it? As a whole, we are wondering...
Ali Hasanov: “President Ilham Aliyev’s visit to Iran laid the foundation of new stages in the development of relations”
10.04.2014 [19:56]
Head of the Department of Social and Political Affairs at Azerbaijani Presidential Administration Ali Hasanov has been interviewed by APA Information Agency. AzerTAc presents the full text of the interview:
Black January – the Path to Independence
20.01.2014 [16:52]
The night of January 19 into the following day, often referred to as Black January, is the bitter experience of every Azerbaijani citizen. That frostbitten night, as many awoke from the sounds of the tank caterpillars and continuous
Deputy Head of Azerbaijan`s Presidential Administration: Those who consider democracy an important value must themselves set an example to others by acting in line with democratic principles
11.10.2013 [16:07]
Deputy Head of Azerbaijan`s Presidential Administration, head of the foreign relations department Novruz Mammadov has commented on statements by OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) and the
‘There is an impression that ODIHR structure observed the elections in some other country, rather than in Azerbaijan’
AzerTAc interviews chief of Department for Work with Law Enforcement Bodies of Azerbaijan Presidential Administration, Fuad Alasgarov
11.10.2013 [14:24]
- At a news conference held yesterday the OSCE ODIHR mission issued quite a critical preliminary report on presidential elections in Azerbaijan. How can you comment on this document? The content of the report is not a criticism, it`s a lie, a political order
Top Presidential Administration official: “Statement and opinion on behalf of the observation mission are either disrespect for will of Azerbaijani voters or a serious blow to influence of the OSCE”
10.10.2013 [19:23]
AzerTAc interviewed Ali Hasanov, head of the Socio-Political Affairs Department at the Presidential Administration, to learn his views concerning the statement of the OSCE Office of Democratic Institution and Human Rights (ODIHR) on the
OANA General Assembly discusses topical problems of journalism in Moscow
23.09.2013 [14:25]
The 15th General Assembly of the Organization of the Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA) took place in Moscow on September 19. The meeting, organized by the Russian Itar-Tass agency, was attended by heads of
Pakistani mass media praise Azerbaijani First Lady`s activities
26.08.2013 [14:00]
Pakistani newspapers including “Pakistan Observer”, “Metro Watch”, “Daily Azkaar”, “Kashmir Post”, as well as DNA News Agency and “Centreline” magazine have posted an article titled “The women who has made a difference”, which lauds the activities of Azerbaijani First Lady, President
American journal of “Turkish Weekly”: Why and How Agdam Fell
23.07.2013 [22:16]
American journal of “Turkish Weekly” has published an article titled “Why and How Agdam Fell” on the 19th anniversary of the occupation of Azerbaijani district Agdam by the Armenian Armed Forces. The article reads: “Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan was one
01.06.2010 [21:46]
Dr. Elnur Aslanov, chief of the Political Analyses and Information Support Department, Office of the President of Azerbaijan
10.02.2010 [18:21]
12 years elapse since the capital punishment was abolished in Azerbaijan. The late president of Azerbaijan Republic Heydar Aliyev on February 10, 1998, decreed on abolishment of dearth penalty in the country
14.01.2010 [16:13]
The night from February 25 to 26, 1992, has been recorded in black letters in history of the Azerbaijani people. That night the Armenian armed formations with the support of military staff and armored technique of 366th motor-rifle regiment billeted in the city of Khankendi
05.01.2010 [16:00]
On the initiative of President Ilham Aliyev 2010 in Azerbaijan has been declared as the Year of Ecology. This initiative of the head of the Azerbaijani state, which always pays great attention to questions of preservation of the environment and health of the nation
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