Khodjali tragedy
Malaysian newspaper posts article on Khojaly genocide
02.05.2014 [14:30]
Malaysian “Harakah” newspaper has issued an article about the Khojaly genocide. Headlined “Khojaly genocide, Armenia is destroying humanity”, the article features an interview with Azerbaijani ambassador to Malaysia Galey Allahverdiyev
Egyptian newspaper publishes article about Khojaly genocide
10.03.2014 [11:00]
Egypt-based “Al-Masaiyya” newspaper has published an article on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of the Khojaly genocide. Headlined "The 22nd anniversary of the Khojaly genocide", the article describes the
Hurriyet posts article about Armenians` atrocities in Karabakh
08.03.2014 [18:36]
Turkish Hurriyet newspaper has posted an article about Armenians` atrocities against Azerbaijani civilians in Karabakh. In his article, Muammer Elveren writes that he made a trip to Nagorno-Karabakh in 1991. He says the Armenian terrorists carried out ethnic cleansing policy against Azerbaijanis with
Series of events to commemorate Khojaly massacre victims held in Germany
06.03.2014 [19:35]
As part of a series of events to mark the 22nd anniversary of the Khojaly Massacre in Germany, the ceremonies were held at the University of Cologne on February 21, at the Turkish House in Berlin on February 22, and in Hamburg on February 23. The events were co-organized by the Berlin-based Turkish-Azerbaijani Union
Khojaly tragedy victims honored in Chicago
04.03.2014 [12:50]
A ceremony has been organized in the city of Chicago, Illinois, the USA, to mark the 22nd anniversary of the Khojaly tragedy. Held at the Loyola University, the event was attended by teachers and students of the university, representatives of Azerbaijani and Turkish diasporas, as well as acclaimed experts in international crime
Khojaly genocide victims commemorated in Newcastle
03.03.2014 [21:12]
A rally to mark the 22nd anniversary of the Khojaly genocide has been organized by the Azerbaijani Society of the UK`s Newcastle University as part of the “Justice for Khojaly” campaign
Italian news portal posts article on Khojaly genocide
03.03.2014 [20:57]
Italy’s “Ragusa oggi” news portal has published an article dedicated to the Khojaly massacre. Headlined “Khojaly. A bleeding wound in the hearts of Azerbaijanis”, the article described the Khojaly tragedy as a crime against humanity
Khojaly genocide victims remembered in Bucharest
02.03.2014 [11:59]
A conference “Conflicts in the South Caucasus and their results: Khojaly is tragedy of one night” was at the Hyperion University in the Romanian capital of Bucharest. Supported by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the event was attended by the university`s
US Congressman Pete Olson makes statement on Khojaly tragedy
01.03.2014 [11:45]
Congressmen Pete Olson made a statement on the 22nd anniversary of the Khojaly tragedy at the United States Congress. The US-based Assembly of the Friends of Azerbaijan (AFAZ) played a special role in the making of the statement. The Congressman also said the United States should increase its efforts to facilitate
Bulgarian newspapers highlight consequences of Khojaly tragedy
28.02.2014 [21:20]
Bulgarian Standart newspaper has published an article titled “the Khojaly Genocide - Tragedy of 20th Century” by journalist Lyubomir Mikhaylov. The article used excerpts from the interview of Azerbaijani Ambassador to Bulgaria Emil Karimov. The article notes 20 percent of Azerbaijan’s territories were occupied by Armenia
Protest rally on Khojaly genocide held in front of European Parliament
28.02.2014 [21:04]
A protest rally marking the 22nd anniversary of the Khojaly genocide has been held in front of the European Parliament in Brussels. More than 200 Azerbaijanis attended the rally organized by Benelux Azerbaijanis Congress and supported by the State Committee for Diaspora Affairs
Romanian Nine O'Clock newspaper: Khojaly – a human tragedy against Azerbaijan
28.02.2014 [20:31]
Romanian-based English-language newspaper Nine O'Clock has published an article headlined “Khojaly – a human tragedy against Azerbaijan”. Written by chairman of Romania – Azerbaijan Friendship Association Dumitru Balan, the article reads: “Human history has witnessed dreadful crimes against innocent civilians
California University learns truth about Khojaly Genocide. Armenian Lobby fails to obstruct the event
28.02.2014 [20:02]
The University of California, Irvine (UCI), which is one of the most prestigious universities in California, hosted an event dedicated to Azerbaijan. The event was held by the Council on International Affairs at UCI, and attended by students and professors of the university. At the invitation of the Council, Consul General
Books on Khojaly genocide and Nagorno-Karabakh presented to Liverpool University library
28.02.2014 [14:10]
On the eve of the Khojaly genocide the Liverpool Azerbaijani Society with the support of the Azerbaijani embassy to the United Kingdom has presented books on the Khojaly genocide and Nagorno-Karabakh to the Sydney Jones Library of Great
Azerbaijanis in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina commemorate Khojaly genocide victims
27.02.2014 [20:11]
Azerbaijani Embassy in Serbia has organized a commemorative event marking the 22nd anniversary of the Khojaly genocide. The event brought together representatives of the Azerbaijan Cultural Centre in Belgrade, representatives of the Serbia-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce, Azerbaijanis studying in
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