Oddly enough
'Pea-sized brain hub could shed light on depression'
29.07.2014 [13:55]
Scientists say a part of the brain, smaller than a pea, triggers the instinctive feeling that something bad is about to happen. Writing in the journal PNAS, they suggest the habenula plays a key role in how humans predict, learn from and respond to nasty experiences
‘A third of all people are millionaires in Mocano’
27.07.2014 [20:17]
If you want to hang with the rich, head to Monaco, where nearly a third of the people are millionaires. The city-state boasts a higher percentage of millionaires than any other place in the world, according to a recent report by Spear's magazine and wealth consultancy company
Japan concluded passport not required for emperor in 1971
24.07.2014 [13:19]
Japanese diplomatic records declassified on Thursday indicate that the Foreign Ministry concluded in 1971 that no passport would be required for the Japanese emperor to go abroad. Before Emperor Hirohito went to Europe on his first ever overseas trip that year, the ministry agonized over whether he would require a passport.
Queen Elizabeth II’s horse fails doping test
24.07.2014 [10:32]
A horse owned by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, which won one of England’s most prestigious races, has failed a drugs test, Buckingham Palace announced on Tuesday. Estimate, which lifted the Gold Cup at Royal Ascot in 2013 and came second in this year’s
Harry Potter turns 25
23.07.2014 [21:28]
British actor Daniel Radcliffe has turned 25. The Harry Potter star has grown up quite a bit since he first picked up his wizard wand in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone back in 2001. The former child star made his name playing Harry Potter in the blockbuster franchise but
Mars rover Curiosity finds 'Lebanon' on Red Planet aka huge iron meteorite
22.07.2014 [17:45]
NASA says its Mars rover Curiosity has come across its first meteorite on the surface of the Red Planet, and reports it's a whopper. The iron meteor scientists have dubbed "Lebanon" is almost 7 feet wide, and sits next to a smaller meteorite tagged as "Lebanon B," NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena
Apple Patents Behavior Recognition Technology For Future iPhones
22.07.2014 [17:25]
Future iPhones may be so smart that they will be able to recognize their owners. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:APPL) may adopt behavioral recognition technology on its mobile devices, which would allow its smartphones and tablets to analyze their owner's behavior as well as aspects of their environment and use this knowledge as a security measure
EC 'confident' in human brain project
20.07.2014 [13:37]
The European Commission has responded to criticism of its billion-euro Human Brain Project, declaring confidence that objections will be satisfied. The statement also defends the ability of the project to set its own scope, which critics have said is too narrow
Neuroscience: ‘I can read your mind’
18.07.2014 [20:34]
Jack Gallant can read your mind. Or at least, he can figure out what you’re seeing if you’re in his machine watching a movie he’s playing for you. Gallant, a researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, has a brain decoding machine – a device that uses brain scanning to peer into people’s minds and reconstruct
Pollution in China: Precious art from toxic waste
17.07.2014 [16:33]
The readings, with ‘good’ defined by US standards, demonstrate the single most pressing issue facing China’s population today: pollution. In this city shrouded in smog, where thousands go about their daily lives wearing masks to fend off the toxic fumes, air quality readings regularly reach hazardous levels
Nvidia readies new Android/PC games machine
15.07.2014 [13:23]
Nvidia is to launch a new gaming device that can link up to a PC's graphics card to supercharge its own processing power when used in a different location, the BBC has learned. The company will offer a budget-priced separate controller for the Android device, which
The Next New Miracle Superfood: Insects, Scientists Say
12.07.2014 [14:53]
Want to boost your energy with high-quality, low-fat protein? Look no further than bugs. According to panel discussions held at the 2014 Institute of Food Technologies (IFT) meeting late last month in New Orleans, insects are the food of the future. Not only are they good for you, they`re a low-cost alternative to animal protein with far less...
China 'admits' trading in tiger skins
11.07.2014 [20:21]
China has for the first time admitted in public that it permits trade in skins from captive tigers, according to participants and officials at a meeting of an international convention to protect endangered species.
Our skin’s mysterious sense of smell may one day be the answer to wound repair
10.07.2014 [19:46]
Of all the five senses, our sense of smell is arguably the most taken for granted. Often, we don’t even realize that we can smell until we get a whiff of something we wish we hadn’t. According to a new study from Germany, our noses aren’t the only part of our bodies capable of smelling. Apparently, our skin has scent receptors
Skin's ability to 'smell' seems to help it heal itself
10.07.2014 [11:41]
How does your skin smell? Pretty well, as it turns out, thanks to receptors dotted all over you. What's more, they could help you heal. There are more than 350 types of olfactory receptors in the nose, tuned to different scents. About 150 are also found in internal tissues such as those of the heart, liver and
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