Oddly enough
Huge asteroid set to wipe out life on Earth - in 2880
18.08.2014 [19:10]
A huge asteroid spinning at an "impossible" rate is hurtling toward Earth, on track to wipe out human life - but not until 16 March, 2880. Asteroid 1950 DA has a one-in-300 chance of hitting the globe on the appointed day. Although that may sound like slim odds, it is the most likely asteroid to collide with our planet
Gold dust that could help beat brain cancer: Tiny particles are used to carry drug into diseased cells and destroy them
18.08.2014 [14:17]
Tiny golden bullets could help patients win the fight against brain cancer, doctors believe. British experts have used pieces of gold so small that four million would fit on the end of a strand of hair to kill cancer cells. In a ‘Trojan horse’ manoeuvre, the precious particles were used to smuggle a drug into
Michael Jackson's A Place with No Name video launches on Twitter
14.08.2014 [13:16]
The video for the new Michael Jackson single has become the first music video to premiere on social networking site Twitter, according to The Guardian. It accompanies A Place With No Name which featured on this year’s Xscape album, a ‘contemporising’ of unfinished material with added production from the likes of Timbaland
This Extreme Antarctic Insect has the Tiniest Genome
13.08.2014 [22:02]
The Antarctic midge is a simple insect: no wings, a slender black body and an adult life span of not much more than a week. So perhaps it's fitting the bug is now on record as the owner of the tiniest insect genome ever sequenced. At just 99 million base pairs of nucleotides (DNA's building blocks), the midge's genome is smaller...
China to send orbiter to moon and back
11.08.2014 [17:46]
China will launch its first recoverable moon orbiter later this year, the government has announced, in the latest step in its ambitious space programme. The mission will be launched before the end of the year and will travel to the moon before returning to Earth, the State Administration of Science
US army to use 3D print technology to make meals for battle-weary soldiers
11.08.2014 [13:07]
The U.S. army is developing a 3D printer that could provide soldiers on the front line with nourishing meals, it was today revealed. The technology, which is being created by researchers in Massachusetts, would produce food items rich in carbohydrates, protein and other nutrients on-site. Connected to a computer with a software 'menu...
Hubble spots zombie stars, survivors of supernovas
08.08.2014 [14:12]
The Hubble Space Telescope has spotted zombie stars, which are the remnants of a weak supernova explosion. A supernova usually destroys the exploding star; however, researchers say that the zombie stars may have been left behind because the supernova was faint and not strong
Boeing to upgrade Nato’s E-3 Sentry fleet
08.08.2014 [11:04]
Boeing has secured a $250m contract to upgrade the Nato's E-3 Sentry airborne warning and control system (AWACS) aircraft fleet. Under the contract, the company will install digital flight decks and avionics on 13 of the alliance's 17 Boeing 707 commercial airliner-based aircraft.
Fake lake hints at Dead Sea on Saturn's moon Titan
07.08.2014 [21:54]
TITAN, Saturn's largest moon, may have its own Dead Sea. A fake lake simulating conditions there hints that the moon may host ethane pools saturated with benzene, just as the Dead Sea is packed with salt. Titan is arguably the most Earth-like body in the solar system, boasting lakes, rivers,
Oxford and Cambridge in the race to eliminate passwords
07.08.2014 [14:26]
More novel approaches to authentication have been gaining media attention this week, each linked to major universities. Cambridge University are working on a technology-oriented approach where multiple small devices create an "electronic aura", enabling a main device to transmit a unique
Silent film tops documentary poll
01.08.2014 [19:07]
A 1929 silent film has been voted the greatest ever documentary in a poll of some 300 film-makers and critics. Man with a Movie Camera, directed by Dziga Vertov, was picked by more than 100 cineastes who took part in the inaugural Sight & Sound poll
Scientists explain mystery of our 'lemon Moon'
01.08.2014 [14:50]
It might look like a perfect sphere to you and I but scientists have declared that the Moon is most definitely “lemon-shaped”. Researchers from the University of California published a new study in the journal Nature that uses advanced laser technology to smooth over the craggy lunar surface (one of the traditional
Giant waves found in Arctic Ocean could be accelerating sea ice loss
01.08.2014 [12:57]
Huge areas of ice-free water are leading to massive waves in the Arctic Ocean, according to a study published in Geophysical Research Letters. As the Morning Mix reported earlier today, swells of 16 feet were recorded in the Arctic in 2012 during peak wave times
Jane Goodall: Man's closest animal relatives face extinction
01.08.2014 [12:03]
The world's great apes face extinction within decades, renowned chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall warned in a call to arms to ensure man's closest relatives are not wiped out. "If we don't take action the great apes will disappear, because of both habitat destruction
Lead in teeth can tell a body's tale, study finds
01.08.2014 [11:38]
Your teeth can tell stories about you, and not just that you always forget to floss. A study led by University of Florida geology researcher George D. Kamenov showed that trace amounts of lead in modern a
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