Oddly enough
Neuroscientist's atomic wristwatch launches on Kickstarter
14.04.2014 [16:01]
John Patterson has a chip on his shoulder. He hates big watch companies and wants to destroy them: with superior products. The neuroscientist-turned-founder of Bathys Watches, based in Kauai, Hawaii, last October unveiled the first-ever atomic wrist watch in spite of the fact that some of his deep-pocketed competitors had
Physicists confirm existence of new 'exotic' matter
14.04.2014 [15:34]
Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) Collaboration at CERN in Geneva have successfully verified the existence of a new “exotic” type of particle that was hitherto unusual to the Standard Model (SM) of particle
‘Sakura from space’ blooms early
12.04.2014 [19:25]
A cosmic mystery is uniting monks and scientists after a cherry tree grown from a seed that orbited the Earth for eight months bloomed years earlier than expected — and with an unusual number of flowers
Balloon Chair by h220430 appears to float above the ground
11.04.2014 [20:13]
Japanese studio h220430 has created a chair that looks like it is held in mid-air by balloons, which will go on show at Ventura Lambrate in Milan on Tuesday. A follow-up to the Balloon Bench designed by h220430 in 2011, the Balloon Chair appears to
US Navy to test futuristic, super-fast gun at sea in 2016
11.04.2014 [17:42]
The US Navy is planning sea trials for a weapon that can fire a low-cost, 23-pound (10-kg) projectile at seven times the speed of sound using electromagnetic energy, a "Star Wars" technology that will make enemies think twice, the
32 Billion Devices Plugged in and Generating Data by 2020
11.04.2014 [15:28]
The EMC Digital Universe study today launched its seventh edition. This highly anticipated study always makes a big splash because it focuses industry attention on the incredible growth rates of data. By 2020, the amount of data in our digital universe is expected to grow from 4.4 trillion GB in 2013 to 44 trillion GB. Some other points from the...
Italy's looted treasures found in Rome 'museum'
09.04.2014 [18:18]
Authorities in central Italy have discovered a villa transformed into a private museum, housing hundreds of Roman artefacts allegedly stolen from the state. Treasures filled the “splendid villa” in Lanuvio, south of Rome, which was transformed into “a small private museum”, Italy’s financial police said on Monday
Common Web Encryption Tool Is Flawed, Researchers Say
09.04.2014 [16:52]
An encryption tool used by a large chunk of the Internet is flawed, potentially exposing reams of data meant to be hidden from prying eyes. The bug, nicknamed Heartbleed by researchers at Google Inc. and cybersecurity firm Codenomicon, could have affected two-thirds of active websites when it was disclosed Monday, they said
Stradivarius? You'd be better off with a modern violin
09.04.2014 [15:19]
The name Stradivarius has been synonymous with musical excellence for three centuries with instruments selling for millions amid claims that their sound quality is unparalleled. However it may pain purists to learn that professional violinists cannot actually tell the
Bill Gates wants China to encourage wealthy Chinese to be more giving
08.04.2014 [15:55]
China should do more to encourage wealthy Chinese to donate to charitable causes and to make philanthropy a common practice in the world's most populous country, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said on Sunday. Gates, who runs the $38 billion Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, said he thought people
US Navy tests robotic fire-fighters
08.04.2014 [10:34]
Fire-fighting robots designed to withstand intense heat are to be tested by the US Navy this summer. The Shipboard Autonomous Fire-fighting Robot (SAFFiR) has been built by engineers at
U.S. Navy testing more sophisticated pilotless helicopters
07.04.2014 [17:53]
The helicopter kicked up a cloud of freshly fallen snow that partly obscured the ground below, but despite the poor visibility, it gently touched down in a landing that was unremarkable except for the fact no one was at the controls. The helicopter, filmed during testing by the Naval Research Laboratory, was piloted by a
Samsung makes graphene breakthrough
07.04.2014 [17:05]
The Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), in partnership with South Korea’s Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) have announced a new breakthrough in the mass manufacturing techniques for graphene, the substance that is widely expected to take over from silicon as the material of choice in next generation
Tightrope walker Denis Josselin completes walk over the river Seine in Paris
07.04.2014 [16:53]
A famous French tightrope walker, Denis Josselin, completed a walk over the river Seine in Paris on Sunday. It took him 30 minutes to walk over 150 meters (492 feet) of rope, while 25 meters
Good teeth may help sporting success
06.04.2014 [12:03]
Dentists say elite athletes could stand a better chance of winning gold medals if they look after their teeth. The Oral Health and Performance in Sport conference in London heard that athletes' oral health was often bad and could impair training and performance
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