Oddly enough
Concerns grow in Europe over threat from deadly pig virus
03.05.2014 [13:42]
France is expected to suspend pig-related imports from a number of countries as worries grow over the spread of a deadly swine virus. Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea Virus (PEDv) has killed some seven million piglets in the US in the past year
Smartphones Leave Identifiable 'Fingerprints'
30.04.2014 [16:47]
The signals produced by smartphones turn out to be so identifiable that it may never be possible to use one anonymously. Even basic privacy may be difficult to achieve. Despite all the standardization and quality control that go into accelerometers and other
Branson vows to build Abu Dhabi spaceport in two years
29.04.2014 [11:03]
Sir Richard Branson, the British entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin group, is hoping to open a spaceport in Abu Dhabi in the next two years, as he deepens his business ties with the capital, he said on a visit to the UAE. He also said he was in discussion with Abu Dhabi investors regarding a new project in the leisure sector, thought to be at...
Spain to search for Miguel de Cervantes' remains
28.04.2014 [17:54]
Forensic scientists in Spain have announced plans to search a Madrid convent for the body of the 17th Century author, Miguel de Cervantes. Ground-penetrating radar will be used to try to locate the remains of the celebrated
The car that cleans itself—Nissan tests new model
28.04.2014 [16:04]
If it's not winter's salt and grime, it's mud and everyday dirt. Keeping your car clean can be a chore—a backbreaking one if you prefer to do it yourself. But Nissan is testing a car that can keep itself clean, thanks to special paints that repel water and oils. Similar technology could eventually allow manufacturers to do away with
This machine makes drinking water from thin air
28.04.2014 [15:40]
Water. A vital nutrient, yet one that is inaccessible to many worldwide. The World Health Organization reports that 780 million people don't have access to clean water, and 3.4 million die each year due to water-borne diseases. But an Israeli company
What do animals dream about?
25.04.2014 [19:57]
"Almost all other animals are clearly observed to partake in sleep, whether they are aquatic, aerial, or terrestrial," wrote Aristotle in his work On Sleep and Sleeplessness. But do other animals dream? On that the Greek philosopher also had an opinion. In The History of Animals, he wrote: "It would appear that not only do
Milky Way to Be Explored w/ Au’s $13 Million Instrument
23.04.2014 [17:25]
Australia will be exploring the Milky Way to identify its origins soon with its new $13 million instrument, HERMES (the High Efficiency and Resolution Multi-Element Spectrograph), launched by Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane at the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) at Coonabarabran
6 billion people have cellphones
23.04.2014 [16:54]
A UN report says six of the world's seven billion people have mobile phones but only 4.5 billion have toilets. In response to the statistics the UN has issued a call "to change a situation in which more people worldwide have mobile phones than toilets
Meteors May Have Brought Vitamin B to Earth
22.04.2014 [21:08]
Did life here begin...out there? We don't yet know and may never. But there is compelling evidence that I might not be sitting here writing this today, or you reading it, if not for meteorite-enabled distribution of a simple vitamin billions of years ago.Scientists funded by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center have found vitamin
Hitachi to provide world's fastest elevator to China
22.04.2014 [13:07]
Japan's Hitachi says it will provide the world's fastest elevators to the 111-storey, 530-metre-tall Guangzhou CTF Financial Centre in China. The lifts will be able to travel from the first to 95th floor in a stomach-churning 43 seconds. Japan's Hitachi on Monday said it will provide the world's fastest elevators, which can
US teenager survives five-hour flight in wheel well
21.04.2014 [15:31]
A 16-year-old boy stowed away in the wheel well of a flight from California to Hawaii on Sunday, surviving the trip halfway across the Pacific Ocean unharmed despite frigid temperatures at 38,000 feet and a lack of oxygen, FBI and airline
CIA cannot catch a fox in White House
19.04.2014 [13:18]
The guards, including the US Secret Service agents, cannot catch fox that suddenly appeared on the territory of the White House in Washington. According to the local media, the animal appeared at the White House last fall, during the country's budget crisis, when many government employees, including supervisors and
Pope Francis washes, kisses feet of disabled and elderly in devotional as ‘slave’
19.04.2014 [11:22]
Pope Francis washed the feet of 12 disabled and elderly people — women and non-Catholics among them — in a pre-Easter ritual designed to show his willingness to serve others like a "slave." Francis' decision in 2013 to perform the Holy Thursday ritual on women and Muslim inmates at a juvenile detention center helped define his rule...
Vegetables on Mars within ten years?
18.04.2014 [19:58]
The soil on Mars could be appropriate for cultivating meals crops – this is the prognosis of a study by plant ecologist Wieger Wamelink of Wageningen UR. This would prove very practical if we ever decide to send men and women on a one particular-way trip to the red planet. Soon after all, if we are going to live anywhere
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