Croatia Starts Tender on Continental Oil and Gas Research
22.07.2014 [16:01]
Croatia started a tender for on-shore hydrocarbon exploration to boost investments and reduce dependence on gas imports from Russia and other countries. This is the first of three continental tenders planned that will cover a total of six research blocks, each between 2,100 square kilometres (1,305 square miles) to 2,600 square kilometres, along...
Czech police head plans to initiate cyber crime unit
21.07.2014 [17:44]
Czech Police President Tomas Tuhy plans to propose the establishment of a special police unit to fight cyber crime, he said in a debate on Czech Television (CT), adding that the unit could start operation in two years. Tuhy said the police have their experts in cyber crime now, who, however, may soon start
Ukraine closes air space over its eastern regions
20.07.2014 [12:58]
Ukraine’s authorities have closed air space over the country’s eastern regions after the Thursday crash of a Malaysian Boeing, Eurocontrol (European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation) press service said on Friday. As of now, all flight plans over the Dnepropetrovsk flight zone are turned down by
Bulgaria’s southern Black Sea towns mop up after floods
17.07.2014 [14:55]
The state of emergency in the Bulgarian southern Black Sea town of Primorsko declared after flooding was lifted on July 17, with that in the town of Byala expected to follow later in the day. Torrential rainfall that hit the area, a popular summer seaside holiday destination, led to road closures on July 16 while hotels, residential buildings and...
Jean-Claude Juncker confirmed as European commission president
16.07.2014 [15:34]
Jean-Claude Juncker, the controversial choice to head the EU executive for the next five years, has been confirmed as next president of the European commission by a comfortable majority of MEPs in the new European parliament. Vehemently opposed by David Cameron – who was joined only by Hungary in opposing
MEPs elect Jean-Claude Juncker to head EU Commission
15.07.2014 [20:49]
A majority in the European Parliament has approved former Luxembourg PM Jean-Claude Juncker to be President of the European Commission. He got 422 votes out of the 729 total cast in the secret ballot, despite strong opposition earlier from Britain
World champions return home
15.07.2014 [20:44]
Germany's World Cup-winning team returned home to celebrate the country's fourth title with huge crowds of fans. The team's plane touched down at Berlin's Tegel Airport midmorning after circling the
Egypt blast kills 8
14.07.2014 [13:22]
At least eight people have been killed and around 25 others were injured in an explosion near a security compound in Egypt's Sinai region, near the border with Israel on Sunday. Security sources said the rocket was targeting North Sinai's main security compound but
Czech tennis player Kvitova criticized by politician for moving to Monaco
13.07.2014 [11:14]
Tennis player Petra Kvitova has been criticized by a Czech politician for relocating from the Czech Republic to Monaco. Kvitova moved to the tax-free principality about 10 months ago, joining compatriots like Tomas Berdych and Lucie Safarova
India building world's highest railway bridge
12.07.2014 [15:00]
Indian engineers are toiling in the Himalayas to build the world's highest railway bridge which is expected to be 35 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower when completed by 2016. The arch-shaped steel structure is being constructed over the Chenab River to link
Big Brother law considered unconstitutional in Romania
11.07.2014 [14:17]
Judges of the Romanian Constitutional Court decided that the law on the retention of personal data by mobile operators and Internet providers does not comply with the Constitution. Recently, the European Court of Justice ruled that the European Directive under which Romania has created this law is illegal, and the decision
‘Meteorite’ seen in four Australian states may be Russian space junk
11.07.2014 [13:59]
A BRIGHT object that streaked across Australian skies last night was most likely part of a Russian weather satellite. Social media lit up from about 9.45pm with reports of a bright object with a long tail burning across the sky in Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and South Australia
Neoguri Hits Japan Mainland: Flooding, Landslide Threats Persist
11.07.2014 [11:38]
A devastating landslide crashed through the town of Nagiso late Wednesday, killing a 12-year-old boy, as Tropical Storm Neoguri moved through Japan. An evacuation advisory was issued for than 670 homes after debris flows destroyed a number of homes in the town. At least one resident, 12-year-old Kaito Kurenuma, was
Both candidates in Indonesia election claim victory; Jokowi ahead in more counts
11.07.2014 [11:14]
Both candidates claimed victory in Indonesia's presidential election on Wednesday, suggesting there could be a drawn out constitutional battle to decide who will next lead the world's third-largest democracy. Just a few hours after voting closed, Jakarta governor Joko "Jokowi" Widodo said he had won, based on quick counts of...
Jakarta governor Widodo leading Indonesian presidential election
10.07.2014 [20:52]
Joko Widodo was ahead in Indonesia's razor-tight presidential election with more than 80 percent of the votes tallied, according to early quick count results. But supporters of his rival, Prabowo Subianto, a wealthy ex-army general with close links to former dictator Suharto, urged caution saying it is too early to declare a victory after
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