Azerbaijani intellectuals and civil society members appeal to international and regional organizations

Baku, October 12, AZERTAC 

Azerbaijani intellectuals and members of civil society have appealed to the United Nations, permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, the Non-Aligned Movement, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the European Union, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairing countries, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Children's Fund (UNICEF). AZERTAC presents the appeal.

Against the background of the latest achievements in the areas of culture, science and technology, which are developing fast at the beginning of the 21st century, Armenia, proceeding from its medieval mentality, still does not comprehend today's realities and keeps on raising the issue of occupation of lands and territorial claims.

According to the armament index of world countries released by the Bonn International Center for Conversion in February 2020, Armenia ranks third in the world and first in Europe for the number of servicemen per thousand people in Armenia, the cost of armaments in the gross domestic product (GDP), military spending, healthcare, number of troops and the quantity of heavy weaponry. The report says that the reason for Armenia's leading position in the arms race is the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and its militaristic policy over the past 30 years.

The UN Security Council, which serves as the key guarantor of international peace and security, adopted Resolutions 822, 853, 874 and 884 in relation to the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in 1993. They explicitly called for a full and unconditional withdrawal of Armenian forces from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. These resolutions condemn the aggressive steps taken by Armenia against Azerbaijan, express the importance of protecting civilians who are not parties to the conflict, and emphasize the unacceptability of the use of force to gain territory. At the same time, the resolutions point to Azerbaijan's territorial integrity, sovereignty and inviolability of its internationally recognized borders.

At 06:00 on 27 September 2020, Armenian armed forced launched a large-scale military operation against Azerbaijan in gross violation of the 1994 ceasefire agreement, opened large-caliber artillery and ballistic missile fire on civilian sites along the entire perimeter of the frontline.

From 27 September to 11 October, Armenian armed forces fired on the cities of Ganja and Mingachevir, residential settlements of Absheron, Khizi, Barda, Beylagan, Aghjabadi, Zardab, Goranboy, Goygol, Tartar and Yevlakh, killing a total of 41 civilians, including 13 women and three children, and wounding 206 more. It is noteworthy that there are 44 women and 22 children (including six babies) among the injured.

As a result of these attacks, 1,185 private homes, 148 social infrastructure facilities and 57 residential buildings were severely damaged. In addition, the occupying Armenian forces targeted the Mingachevir Hydroelectric Power Station, which is of great irrigation importance for the region, as well as the Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum gas and Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipelines, which form the basis of Europe's energy security and are considered major strategic facilities in the region.

At the same time, the Armenian military-political authorities bring mercenaries from other countries to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, violate the “Law on the State Border of the Republic of Azerbaijan” and use them in Armenian armed forces to target the Azerbaijani population.

After Armenia violated the ceasefire on 27 September 2020 to start a military operation, it launched 9N235 and M85 bombs against cities and other settlements.

The said bombs were classified as munitions banned in 2008 under the “Convention on Cluster Munitions” (CCM).

Despite a ceasefire agreement reached for humanitarian purposes with Russian mediation on 10 October, Armenian forces bombed Ganja, Azerbaijan's second largest city, with Elbrus ballistic missiles (SCUD) at 2:00 am on 11 October. As a result, nine people, including four women, were killed, 35 people, including 17 women and six children, were injured. Also, three buildings were completely destroyed, more than 10 apartment buildings and more than 100 different facilities were seriously damaged.

A number of European countries that are members of the United Nations and signatories of the 1944 “Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation” have begun to transport weapons to Armenia by civil aircraft in gross violation of the terms of the convention.

Armenia's non-compliance with the ceasefire poses a serious threat to peace and security in the region and internationally. It fires on Azerbaijani medical vehicles, which were engaged in collecting the bodies of Armenian soldiers and were clearly identifiable with a white flag on them.

Article 18 of the 1949 “Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War” states that under no circumstances should the parties to a conflict throw shells or artillery at civilian gatherings. The military-political leadership of the aggressor state of Armenia continues to target civilians, houses, civilian sites and settlements, and commit crimes against civilians in violation of all international norms and principles, in gross violation of its obligations under the Geneva Conventions. Population centers, district and village centers, civil infrastructure facilities, hospitals, medical centers, school buildings and kindergartens are targeted deliberately.

In view of the above, we hereby demand that conditions be created for the implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions 822, 853, 874 and 884 adopted in 1993, immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the Armenian armed forces from the territory of Azerbaijan, and the return of one million IDPs to their homes.

Armenia's aggressive policy poses a threat to the environment of regional and international security and must be immediately stopped. Pressure must be put on Armenia to withdraw from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan as soon as possible and to prevent it from committing further war crimes.

1. New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) – Ali Ahmadov

2. Ana Vatan (Motherland) Party – Fazail Aghamali

3. Civil Solidarity Party – Sabir Rustamkhanli

4. Azerbaijan Democratic Enlightenment Party – Elshan Musayev

5. Unity Party – Tahir Karimli

6. Great Establishment Party – Fazil Mustafa

7. Party of Democratic Reforms – Asim Mollazade

8. Whole Azerbaijan Popular Front Party – Gudrat Huseynguliyev

9. Citizen Unity Party – Sabir Hajiyev

10. National Front Party – Razi Nurullayev

11. Real party – Ilgar Mammadov

12. Azerbaijan National Independence Party – Arzukhan Alizade

13. People's Democratic Party of Azerbaijan – Rafig Turabkhan

14. National Democratic Party of Cognition - Osman Afandiyev

15. Unity Party – Khudadat Khudiyev

16. United Azerbaijan National Unity Party – Hajibaba Azimov

17. Democratic Azerbaijan World Party – Alisahib Huseynov

18. Compatriot Party of Azerbaijan – Mais Safarli

19. Azerbaijan Hope Party - Igbal Aghazade

20. Gorgud Party - Firudin Karimov

21. Azerbaijan National Movement Party - Samir Jafarov

22. Azerbaijan Communist Party – Haji Hajiyev and Rauf Gurbanov

23. Alliance Party for the Sake of Azerbaijan – Abutalib Samadov

24. Azerbaijan Social Welfare Party – Asli Kazimova

25. Azerbaijan Liberal Party – Avaz Temirkhan

26. Azerbaijan Social Democratic Party – Araz Alizade

27. National Congress Party – Ikhtiyar Shirinov

28. Republican Party of Azerbaijan – Subut Asadov

29. Azerbaijan People's Party - Panah Huseyn

30. Liberal Democratic Party of Azerbaijan – Fuad Aliyev

31. Azerbaijan Democratic Party – Sardar Jalaloghlu

32. Azerbaijani Fighters Party – Aghadur Muslumov

33. Justice Party – Ilyas Ismayilov

34. National Unity Party – Yunus Oghuz

35. Modern Musavat Party – Hafiz Hajiyev

36. Free Republican Party of Azerbaijan – Kamil Seyidov

37. Freedom Party – Ahmad Oruj

38. Great Azerbaijan Party – Elshad Musayev

39. Azerbaijan Evolution Party – Teyyub Ganiboglu

40. Classic Popular Front Party – Mirmahmud Fattayev

41. Citizen and Development Party – Ali Aliyev

42. National Democratic Party of Azerbaijan – Tufan Karimov

43. Aydinlar Party – Gulamhuseyn Alibayli

44. National Revival Movement Party – Faraj Guliyev

45. AG Party – Tural Abbasli

46. Yeni Zaman Party – Musa Aghayev

47. Free Democrats Party - Sulhaddin Akbar

48. People's Democratic Party – Badraddin Guliyev

49. Independent People's Party – Aflan Ibrahimov

50. Future Azerbaijan Party – Aghasif Shakiroghlu

51. Azerbaijani Commissioner for Human Rights (ombudsperson) - Sabina Aliyeva

52. Chairman of the Council of Elders, Azerbaijani MP - Eldar Guliyev

53. Chairman of Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation (ATUC), MP - Sattar Mehbaliyev

54. President of the Azerbaijan National Confederation of Entrepreneurs` (Employers) Organizations - Mammad Musayev

55. Head of the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan, People’s Writer – Anar Rzayev

56. Chairperson of the Azerbaijan Cinematographers Union, People’s Artist – Shafiga Mammadova

57. Chairperson of Azerbaijan Composers Union, People’s Artist – Firangiz Alizadeh

58. Chairman of Azerbaijan Artists Union, People’s Artist – Farhad Khalilov

59. Chairman of the Theatre Worker's Union of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan State Academic Drama Theatre, People's Artist - Azer Pasha Nematov

60. Chairman of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan, Honoured Architect – Elbay Gasimzade

61. Chairman of Azerbaijan Journalists Union – Elchin Shikhli

62. Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts, People’s Artist - Omar Eldarov

63. Rector of Baku Musical Academy, People’s Artist – Farhad Badalbayli

64. Rector of Azerbaijan National Conservatory, People’s Artist – Siyavush Karimi

65. President of National NGO Forum – Rauf Zeyni

66. Chairman of the International Relations Research Center - Rufiz Gonagov

67. Chairman of Tat Cultural Center “Azeri” Public Union – Ahmadov Elman Abbas oglu

68. Chairman of “Samur Lazgi National Cultural Center” Public Union – Rzayev Imran Sadulla oglu

69. Chairman of “Mountain Jews Heritage Center” Public center – Shaulov Igor Alexandrovich

70. Editor-in-chief, founder of “Dodo” newspaper – Malikova Irada Shirzad qizi

71. Chairman of “Democratic Election Center” Public Union – Gorkhmaz Ibrahimli

72. Head of Association for Protection of Women’s Rights named after Dilara Aliyeva - Novella Jafarova

73. Head of the “Public Union for Protection of Human Rights and Law Order” - Saltanat Gojamanli

74. Head of Azerbaijan National Section of International Society for Human Rights Public Union - Saadat Bananyarli

75. Chairman of “International Association of Azerbaijan Foreign Alumnus” Public Union – Mustafa Babanli

76. International Eurasia Press Fund – Umud Mirzayev

77. Head of the International Dialogue and Development Alliance Public Union - Nushaba Mammadova

78. Head of the Support to Information Initiatives Public Union - Jasarat Huseynzade

79. Chairman of the Public Union "Support to Promoting Patriotism" – Shamistan Alizamanli

80. Head of the Mirza Alakbar Sabir Foundation - Sevda Tahirli

81. Head of Azeri-Turkic Women’s Union - Tanzila Rustamkhanli

82. Head of Khojaly Genocide Awareness Public Union - Shamil Alakbarli

83. Head of the “Support to the Development of Public Relations” Public Union - Shalala Hasanova

84. Head of the Public Union “Azerbaijan Democratic Journalists League” - Yadigar Mammadli

85. Head of the International Society of People with Disabilities Public Union – Tahir Khudiyev

86. Chairman of "International Information and Regional Studies" Public Union – Zaur Gariboglu

87. Chairman of Azerbaijan-UK Alumni Association Public Union – Etibar Huseynov Shakir oglu

88. Head of the “Economics” International Economic Research Association - Fikrat Yusifov

89. Head of the Human Rights and Enlightenment Public Union - Rafael Bejanov

90. Head of the "Protection of Democratic Society and Women’s Rights" Public Union - Mehriban Abdullayeva

91. Head of the "Clean World" Aid to Women Public Union - Mehriban Zeynalova

92. Head of the Public Union for Training and Research on Human Rights – Sahib Mammadov

93. Chairman of “Research of Social Rights” Public Union – Mais Aliyev

94. President of “Constitution” Research Foundation – Almammad Nuriyev

95. Chairman of “Youth Education Center” Public Union – Vusal Guliyev

96. Chairman of "Multimedia" Information Systems and Technologies Center Public Union – Gunduz Osman

97. Head of the Public Association for the Study of Democracy - Mirali Huseynov

98. Head of the Foundation for Support to Entrepreneurship and Market Economy Development - Sabit Baghirov

99. Public Association "Social Welfare for the Citizens" -Irada Rizazade

100. Chairman of the Youth Enlightenment Public Union of Demobilized Military men - Hasanli Emin Aliyar oglu

101. Chairperson of Women Initiatives for Development Public Union - Ziba Nabiyeva

102. Chairperson of Social Development of Women and Young Families Public Union - Tunzala Javadova

103. Chairman of Azerbaijan Patriotic War Veterans Public Union - Fuzuli Rzaguliyev

104. Head of Free like-minded persons Youth Enlightenment Public Union - Samira Mustafayeva

105. Karabakh War Disabled, Veterans and Families of Martyrs” Public Union - Mehdi Mehdiyev

106. Chairman of Karabakh-Disabled Veteran’s Football Federation Public Union-Rovshan Guliyev

107. Head of the Karabakh Liberation Organization - Akif Naghi

108. Chairman of Karabakh Veterans Public Union - Aliyev Asef Karim oglu

109. Chairman of Veteran Tankers Public Union - Hajibala Azimov

110. Chairperson of International Institute for Humanities Public Union - Elmira Mahaddinli

111. Chairman of Baku War Invalids and Veterans Public Union - Fuad Rzayev

112. Head of Military Surgeons Public Union - Kanan Yusif-Zade

113. Chairman of Journalists Specialized on Military Themes Public Union - Tamkhil Hajiyev

114. Head of Talysh community - Imamverdi Hamidov

115. Head of Kurdish Community - Ahmad Hapiyev

116. Head of Russian community in Azerbaijan, MP - Mikhail Zabelin

117. Head of Ukrainian Community in Azerbaijan named after T. Shevchenko - Alexander Zarechniy

118. Chair of Baku Religious Community of European Jews - Alexander Sharovski

119. Head of Community of Azerbaijan's Mountain Jews - Milikh Yevdayev

120. President of Albanian-Udi Christian Religious Community of Azerbaijan - Robert Mobili

121. Head of Udi Cultural Center - Oleg Danakari

122. Head of Vatan Public Union of Ahiska Turks living in Azerbaijan - Ismayil Rahimov

123. Head of Buduq Charity Society - Rafig Abdullayev

124. Head of Tugan Tel Tatar Cultural Society - Guljan Miasautova

125. Argo Public Union of Greeks living in Azerbaijan - Said Mehdiyeva

126. Chairman of Georgian Community in Azerbaijan - Rafael Gvaladze

127. Head of Azerbaijan-Bulgaria Friendship Development Public Union, Editor of Accord magazine - Maria Huseynova-Atanasova

128. Head of Ingiloy Community - Sevinj Bulajova

129. Poet, Honored cultural worker of Azerbaijan (lazgi) - Sadagat Karimova

130. Member of Azerbaijan Writers Union and Azerbaijan Journalists Union, Full member of International Association of Orientalists (tat) - Magsud Hajiyev

131. Reserve colonel of the Azerbaijani army - Shair Ramaldanov

132. Poet (avar) - Ramazan Khutrayev

133. Individual pensioner (avar) - Farrukh Poladov

134. Reserve colonel of the Azerbaijani army (avar) - Shahuddin Malakhov

135. Retired first class captain - Peter Gurtovenko

136. Head of Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Center - Lesya Karimova

137. Karabakh war veteran, retired police major (budug) – Eldar Abdullayev

138. Veteran of Karabakh war, retired lieutenant colonel (Tatar) – Rais Shabakayev

139. Researcher of Institute of Law and Human Rights of ANAS (Jewish) – Moisey Bekker

140. Political scientist, presenter at CBC (Russian) - Anastasia Lavrina

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