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Azerbaijan`s parliament slams European Parliament for “biased” anti-Azerbaijani resolution

Baku, September 16, AZERTAC

Azerbaijan`s parliament, the Milli Majlis, has adopted a resolution condemning the European Parliament's biased resolution No. 2915/2840 (RSP) passed on September 10, 2015. “The European Parliament's resolution on Azerbaijan reveals extremely offensive nature of a systematic and biased smear campaign conducted against our country,” says the resolution signed by Ogtay Asadov, Speaker of the Milli Majlis.

“Turning a blind eye to human rights violations in other countries, which are participants of the Eastern Partnership initiative, the European Parliament is involved in searching for these types of problems in Azerbaijan for reasons only known to the European Parliament itself.”

“Unfortunately, cooperation between the European Union and Azerbaijan is also under serious threat because of the European Parliament's attitude towards our country. As a result of biased resolutions adopted by the European Parliament so far, negotiations on the EU-Azerbaijan Association Agreement have come to a halt.”

The resolution says: “Taking this into consideration, the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan decides:

1. To demand that the European Parliament put an end to its destructive activities undermining EU-Azerbaijan relations, stop the practice of adopting biased anti-Azerbaijani resolutions referring to false accusations against our country under the influence of various forces.

2. To call on the European Parliament to take a constructive position on Azerbaijan and take real steps to demonstrate this approach.

3. To apply to constructive and healthy forces in the European Parliament to increase their efforts towards preventing the activities damaging the reputation of the European Parliament.

4. To strongly condemn the destructive activities of various lobbying groups in the European Parliament constantly trying to keep Azerbaijan on target in order to politically support the occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenia, and to demand putting an end to this activity.

5. To urge investigation into the accusations of law and financial violation committed as part of the financing of lobbying activity against Azerbaijan, corruption cases, lobbying activity relations of the leadership of the European Parliament.

6. To appeal to relevant bodies of the European Parliament to investigate the media news about joint corruption acts of President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz and some senior officials of former Soviet republics, and to urge an adequate treatment of his illegal activities.

7. In view of Azerbaijan`s rich experience of tolerance, to call on the European Parliament to focus on solving the problems of Islamophobia and xenophobia in Europe.

8. To demand that the European Parliament quit attempts to exert pressure on the judicial system of Azerbaijan by politicizing specific criminal acts.

9. To strongly condemn the attempts to impeach the parliamentary elections, which have not yet been held, with biased challenges.

10. To start the implementation of proceedings to terminate the membership of the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Euronest Parliamentary Assembly in accordance with the organization`s Charter, and not to send a delegation of the Milli Majlis to the events of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly during the procedure.

11. To put an end to the current format of participation in the activities of EU-Azerbaijan Parliamentary Cooperation Committee.

12. To recommend that the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan reconsider the appropriateness of participation in the EU Eastern Partnership initiative.

13. To recommend that the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan consider – in case any sanctions are imposed on Azerbaijani officials – the imposition of an entry ban on European Parliament members and officials of EU organizations who have zealous anti-Azerbaijani attitude.

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