Deputy Chairman of PACE and Bureau member, President of the National Olympic Committee Ilham Aliyev gave an interview to journalists on June 28 in the headquarters of the National Olympic Committee.

ILHAM ALIYEV: As you know, oppositional press has always published false, violating all kind of moral norms information. It is impossible to expect something from these people and to try to bring them to a right way. Because, they have been deprived from human values. We eyewitness non-ethic expressions and slander. It shows their quality, to be precise, their low quality.

It is a pity that the opposition of Azerbaijan consists of such people only. Those people, having no particular abilities, not having created anything, but contrary who were ruining and separating Azerbaijan ten years ago when they were in power, raise their heads and try to disconsider today. They are trying to make provocations, trying that force used against them, that they were attacked, to mix all over and to reach heir dirty aims by these means. However, it is impossible.

Public and political stability is being and will be preserved in Azerbaijan. They are mistaken that they will manage to influence someone by their publications. Our main aim is public and political stability in Azerbaijan and we reach our goal. I would advise everyone not to take seriously and pay attention to these false publications.

I do this way, I do not read their press and do not hear their statements. As for me, they do not exist. If you do not read their newspaper, you will see that they do not exist, in fact. Their ideas exist only in the streets and their newspaper. This is my attitude. It is a pity; I say again, that the opposition in Azerbaijan is so good-for-nothing.

QUESTION: Mr. Aliyev, the meetings held by public of the republic against illegal actions of the opposition show that all nation supports President Heydar Aliyev and will go on defending his policy. Young sportsmen have joint this process. We can say that different kind of supporting functions are held in all sport organizations. How do you appraise this fact, I mean, how it influences support to the President of Azerbaijan?

ILHAM ALIYEV: I believe it is natural, because there is no alternative to Heydar Aliyev and his policy. Thanks to this policy, Azerbaijan has achieved considerable development in all fields. Just see, there are considerable achievements in economy, sport, and foundation of the Army. Besides, we eyewitness improvement of the image of Azerbaijan in the world.

Our country exists, develops and strengthens. Go ahead and consider our activities in oil sector, we achieved good results. Look, how many people have benefits of it. Benefits that we get from oil sector are spent for people living in poverty, for living places for refugees, for raising salary for budget employees. The recent salary raise was fulfilled at the expense of Oil Fund’s benefits. All activities show that the only right policy is that carried out by Heydar Aliyev.

In 1993, this policy saved the country from chaos, anarchy and separation. This policy gave us a chance to reach good results in a complicated situation, you know, it is not easy under these circumstances, when they country has over a million of refugees.

That is why, people of different layers of the society support Heydar Aliyev and it is quite natural. It could not be other way. Who wishes that Azerbaijan faced civil opposition, that non-educated, incompetent people, who could not manage to write a single scientific work for 12 years came into power again and escaped when the situation became tense. People of Azerbaijan have lived those days. That period is a spot in our history, I think.

Today’s opposition was in power for one year in the past and gained hatred of people for their useless activities and people had through them away at last. How dare they to come into power again? How dare they to ask for votes? What they give to the nation except sufferings? That is why, society of Azerbaijan is very good aware of these facts. Nothing have been forgotten, we keep everything in our memory. Of course, each motherland-loving man would never wish that these black forces came into power again.

QUESTION: Mr. Aliyev, when is Mr. President coming back to homeland?

ILHAM ALIYEV: With God's help, Mr. President will return to homeland within the few next days. He is feeling well; I have just arrived from Ankara. We are in constant contact. Mr. President keeps everything under control. His return to the country is expected very soon.

QUESTION: May we have your attitude to the statements by the Turkey’s ‘Star’ television?

ILHAM ALIYEV: The attitude is negative. I suppose the ‘Star TV’ reports are of provocative character. Because, the owners of the TV channel have already been faced with great problems in Turkey, and the Government has launched fair proceedings against them. They resorted to such a dirty step both to mislead the public opinion and sow discord between the two fraternal countries. It was aimed to create distrust in the armed forces of Turkey and Azerbaijan as well. I can say that Mr. President’s medical examination and treatment in the Gulhane Military Medical Academy has been conducted free of charge. Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Armed Forces of Turkey, Chief of the General Staff, the leadership of the Gulhane Military Medical Academy, its doctors and all employees for examination and treatment of Mr. President with loving care.

This shows once again that the existing relations of friendship and fraternity between the two countries are inviolable, even despite some destructive forces including the ‘Star’ TV-channel wanted to sully these relations.

QUESTION: Mr. Aliyev, how is your preparation for election going? Has the collection of signatures finished?

ILHAM ALIYEV: Yes, it has. I am going to enjoy this opportunity to take active part in Heydar Aliyev’s election campaign. The candidate status gives me just an additional chance to do so.

Thank you very much.

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