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On October 13, Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev held a news conference to foreign mass media on the Presidential Elections of October 15.

The news conference was opened by the head of public-political department of President’s Administration Ali Hasanov.

First, Prime Minister Ilham Aliyev made a statement to the journalists:

Dear representatives of the press,

I greet all of you and say, “Welcome to Azerbaijan”. You will be monitoring the Presidential elections in Azerbaijan. I would like to inform you that these elections would be held according to a newly adopted Election Code. The Code is a very democratic document and has been positively appraised by international organizations.

The campaigning is going on successfully and is about to complete. All nominees are provided with equal conditions and rights. Each nominee can freely inform the voters on his ideas, political platform. These wide opportunities were created on the National TV, as well as at the meeting with voters held in the regions. That is why I am sure that these elections will be held in democratic, fair and free conditions. Democratic process going on in Azerbaijan will continue more efficient after the elections.

I would not take much of your time; I am ready to answer your questions.

Further, Prime Minister Ilham Aliyev answered the questions of journalists.

Q: Dear Mr. Prime Minister Ilham Heydarovich, I represent Japanese TV Company. What is your strategy of the country’s development? Particularly, you have just touched upon the issue of democratic development. What steps are you going to take after your election? I have one more question. Of course, your father, Heydar Aliyev is a great politician. How do your appraise his Presidency? New presidents face new tasks, you know. Do you have the plans on overcoming the problems of poverty and split of the society?

A: Azerbaijan is firmly following the policy of democratic reforms, carried out under the leadership of President Heydar Aliyev. Many laws were passed in our country, giving an opportunity to develop democracy to full sense of this word. For three years, Azerbaijan has become a member of the Council of Europe and, in fact, the work over making our legislature to meet the European standards is about to complete. I am sure that after the elections our country will go on its course for development of a free society and democracy.

First of all, the whole Azerbaijani people need it for our country to develop successfully. All related actions would be taken on this way. I am sure that democratic and fair elections are a big contribution to the development of democracy. We are stuck to this course, Azerbaijan’s integration to the world community. We have achieved good results on this way and will be following this course in the future.

Heydar Aliyev is the leader of people of Azerbaijan. His whole life has been devoted to serve Azerbaijan, independently on political climate in the country. It was like this in the years when Azerbaijan was a part of the Soviet Union, and during the recent ten years, when Azerbaijan was forming up under his leadership as an independent and free state. Even then, in conditions of the Soviet Union, Heydar Aliyev was serving earnestly, devotedly, and selflessly to the Azerbaijani nation. His merits are huge; today’s independent Azerbaijan is his creative work.

If he did not come back at people’s call to Baku in 1993, and were not elected as a President, Azerbaijan, obviously, could have faced catastrophic difficulties and consequences of irresponsible and harmful policy, carried out by previous authorities in Azerbaijan, who are claiming the authorities again. Heydar Aliyev is a historical personality. We could talk for hours about work done under his leadership. I am sure that people of Azerbaijan have appraised and will be appraising this irreplaceable contribution of Heydar Aliyev into development of our country. His course should be continued.

There is no other alternative in Azerbaijan. My meetings with voters for recent two weeks, every-day contacts made me sure that people of Azerbaijan are adhere to Heydar Aliyev’s policy and will be following his course in all directions, and improvement of population’s living conditions among them.

Q: I represent the Reuters news agency. Some people say they need new economic policy. However, you have mentioned that you will continue your father’s policy.

A: If you were interested you could find out that for recent 7 years GDP growth made up 10 percent, you would not have any doubts in concern of the ruling party’s victory. You could have been the eyewitness of what was going on in 1993 in the country under the leadership of today’s opposition, you answered very different question. People of Azerbaijan are afraid of those times back; when the country was facing a civil war under the leadership of this opposition, who created conditions for occupation of our territories by Armenian Armed Forces.

People are afraid and do not want continuation of those events. Everyone knows opposition’s coming to powers might cause civil unrest and other unpleasant events. If me, as a citizen eyewitnesses these events, I would never wished repetition of those times.

Azerbaijan is now successfully developing. Our country is a leading one on the volume of foreign investments not only in the post Soviet space but also among the eastern European countries. Why should the situation be changed if the people’s living has improved? Inflation rate has reduced to 2 percent. Is there really the reason for changing such a policy? On the contrary, this policy must be continued, and I am sure the people will make the right choice.

Q: Mr. Prime Minister, I represent Georgian TV-channel “Rustavi-2”. Ilham Heydarovich, in case of your victory, the opposition will resort to actions, rallies. Its leaders have stated that. What kind of measures will take to prevent disorders?

A: Eight candidates are participating in the elections today. If you listen to them, you can see that each opposition candidate states he will not recognize the election if does not pass to the second round. As you realize, seven candidates cannot pass to the second round, i.e. it is clear beforehand that the opposition will not bear with the short ballot. Because, otherwise, the opposition leaders who have said the same for the ten years and make the unrealizable promises, will be forced to quit the political arena. So, it is no wonder that they will cast doubt on most fair election. If some objectionable events occur, appropriate measures will be taken in the framework of the law.

Q: Good afternoon, Mr. Prime Minister, I represent ITAR-TASS Agency. I would like to ask you on the Azerbaijan’s international co-ordinates in case of your victory. Who are you going to develop your relations with to the greater extent, more intensively and deeply?

A: I repeatedly state that Azerbaijan in completely independent state. Independence is not only attributes, but also independent policy - independent on someone’s interests, but based on the observation of its own ones. Exactly such a policy has been carried out for the ten years, and there is a direct evidence of its success.

Both on regional and global scale, Azerbaijan is successfully cooperating with the leading countries in many directions - economic and political. We wished that our country would not turn into a field of competition. We would like that we had cooperation in Azerbaijan. It responds our national interests. That is why; we will be establishing the relationships with other countries, with our neighbors and friends from this point of view. This policy is a success; it had been tried by experience. Therefore, I believe, foreign policy of Azerbaijan should be continued.

I would not like that there were any references to any orientation in appraisal of foreign political course of Azerbaijan. Our orientation is based on the fact that our foreign political activities promoted the achievement of aims, strengthening of Azerbaijan’s place in the world, as well as our economic development by means of mutually beneficial cooperation with the rest of the world. This policy has been carried out and will be followed in the future.

Q: I represent Georgian TV Company. Mr. Prime Minister, will the situation in Azerbaijan be stable after October 15?

A: I am sure that stability will be preserved. Because Azerbaijan has been already formed up as a state. I told you that the elections would be held in fair and open situation. Different public opinion polls are being regularly held. If journalists, who have arrived to cover the elections, were interested in moods of voters, they could have an idea what citizens of Azerbaijan give their preferences. There are no prerequisites for doubts about transparency of the elections. All elements of a new democratic Election Code are taken into consideration and this is a technical issue - such as transparent ballot boxes, printed ballots and others - I would not like to go into details, if someone is interested, you have an opportunity to learnt about it. Everything taking place before the elections, i.e. pre-electoral campaign was held completely democratic. Therefore, if anyone wishes to destabilize the situation in Azerbaijan, he will be repulsed.

Unfortunately, during the years of independence, our country underwent such difficulties as attempts of state coup, creation of civil opposition. However, statehood in Azerbaijan has passed the maturity exam. Any attempts of destabilization of the situation will be stopped.

Q: Mr. Prime Minister, what can you say about voting of veil wearing women? Secondly, the relations between Azerbaijan and Iran have become very successful recent years. Are you going to continue your father’s way in this concern?

First of all, I would like to point out that on the day of elections every citizen can come to the polling station and give a vote for any nominee. No limits have been introduced and every citizen of Azerbaijan can use his of her right to vote.

The relationships between Azerbaijan and Iran are developing. As a result of the recent visit of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Heydar Aliyev to Iran, the relations between the two countries raised to a new level. Iran is our neighbor and we are interested that our relations were very good. As you know, after this visit, a number of economic projects have started being implemented. We are cooperating in a number of fields already; I believe this cooperation will go on in the future as well.

I was saying many times, if people of Azerbaijan will express trust, I will follow Heydar Aliyev’s policy. Therefore, the Iranian-Azerbaijani relations will find their continuation. At the same time, I said that Azerbaijan carries out independent foreign policy and will do like this in the future. All actions in the name of national interests of Azerbaijan will be taken. We would like that the relations with Iran were developing and bringing their mutual benefits.

Q: France Press. Mr. Ilham Aliyev, how do you appraise your chances for victory and how do you comment on the statement of the opposition that pre-election campaign was held in non-democratic situation?

A: It is immodest to speak on my chances; I would prefer not to talk about it. Nevertheless, I should say, I feel quite confident. The meetings with voters and pre-election campaign as well as the election process in the whole give me this confidence. People of Azerbaijan appraise people not only for their words, said two week before the elections, but for real activity. I have grounds to be proud of contribution into the development of democratic Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan has achieved good results in all important spheres, that I was assigned to: both in realization of oil strategy and development of sports, as well as within the frames of international organizations, such as Council of Europe, where I led the delegation of Azerbaijan. That is why I do not come to these elections with senseless words and promises, but with concrete work and results, and everyone can see them. Probably, when appraising the chances of nominees, one should take these parameters as a ground.

It is not the times, when anyone could believe unrealizable promises and I am quite ironic, as well as the whole Azerbaijani people, towards such fantastic promises as improvement of living standards within one-two months, salary raise. One promises to raise salary five times and the other having heard about it, promises ten-times-raise. If it goes like this, some of them may offer 20times-raise. Therefore, all these are in the past and the society does not take futile promises. The appraisal is given according to concrete work.

Related to pre-election campaign, it was democratic, I have told about it, anyway, those in opposition will try to show themselves as innocent victims. However, it is not true. Those who have a chance to observe pre-election campaign in Azerbaijan saw that all Presidential contenders had equal conditions: in using national TV air, during their meeting with voters. No one’s rights were infringed upon. I am sure that the elections will be held successfully as well as the completely pre-election campaign.

Q: Voice of America radio station. Mr Ilham Aliyev, if you are elected as a president, what kind of Azerbaijani-American cooperation can we see? Secondly, in resolution of the Karabakh problem, what do you prefer, the way of negotiations or in case of your presidency, you will use other methods and ways in resolution of this problem?

A: The relations between Azerbaijan and America are developing successfully. It is almost 10 years that we are cooperating in different fields. In policy, the relations are intensifying, as well as in economy, with the help of the American government; Azerbaijan is realizing international projects important for the regions and the whole world. I am very pleased with our relations and I believe that our relations will be further developing in the future for benefits of the two countries and nations. This line will remain unchanged. I would like that these relations were intensify in all fields.

Related to Nagono Karabakh, we are stuck to peaceful resolution of the problem and believe that there is still negotiation potential. As we know, cochairman-countries are taking some steps and are working out new offers on resolution. No one and Azerbaijani people among them want war. We want our country to live in peace, to develop, to strengthen economy, to solve current social problems - unemployment and poverty. For doing this, we need peace.

At the same time, people of Azerbaijan as well as the government would never agree that its lands remain under occupation. I cannot say anything ahead. Everything depends on the negotiations.

If we see that peace negotiations do not bring any results, if they are just formal, in this case Azerbaijan has all rights to use all methods to restore its territorial integrity. Our country is powerful economically, we have strong Army and it is further strengthening.

I am sure that Azerbaijan’s points, will shown by cochairmen of OSCE Minsk Group, points of view of the international community on this issue will give a chance to resolve this issue peacefully. At the same time, we should use all opportunities and be ready for everything.

Q: Turkish Hurriyyet newspaper. Mr. Prime Minister, my question is as follows: let us imagine that today is October 16 and you won the elections, what will be the first Presidential decree? And one more question. We know that pre-election campaign was successfully held in Azerbaijan. At the same time, it was tense. In case of your election, will you be collaborating with any of the oppositional parties, which are acting against you today?

A: Let me start with the first question. I do not want to be alike with any of the oppositional nominees, who have already issued their decrees, reflecting their unrealizable promises. I would like to be modest, I would not think ahead. On October 15, people of Azerbaijan will make their decision about giving their votes. Of course, if this vote is given to me, all decision both first and next ones will be directed to economic development of Azerbaijan, solution of social issues, to strengthening of statehood and sovereignty.

In concern of pre-election campaign, the appraisals may be different. Maybe there was some tension, but this mood was not sat by us. Probably, it was the results of internal tension of representatives of a part of oppositional parties, which clearly realized that it would be difficult to them to achieve sympathies of voters by fair campaigning. That is why a part of them used dirty methods - blackmail, slanders and lies. As we have been facing this phenomenon from long ago; slandering, lying articles both about the President and Presidential contenders and other normal people were published in oppositional newspapers and we are used to all these, and do not react anymore. Our esteemed President has invited the opposition many times to dialogue and collaboration. Even if they were not ready to cooperation on a wide-range of issues, he offered them collaboration within the framework of a search of resolution ways of Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict.

A few-day hearings were held with this aim in the Parliament, when President made speeches and all political forces were invited. Unfortunately, even then, when they were discussing such an actual issue, concerning each citizen of Azerbaijan, the opposition ignored this invitation.

It is impossible to invite all the time, you know. One can invite once. If your invitation remained without respond, one should not bother him again. Azerbaijani society is far from the ideas, which extremist oppositional figures are trying to impose. Their activities are held in two directions. These are either lies and slanders on newspaper pages or in the street.

There is no constructivism. Nevertheless, showing good will, generosity and some kind of sympathy towards oppositional figures, who are trying to manifest themselves for ten years, of course, we are ready to offer the dialogue once more, if it works. We are open for dialogue, but I am not sure they will use it. If they do, I will be happy. I consider that the society of Azerbaijan should consolidate. According to the territory, we are not a big country with small population.

We should unite to solve our main problem, which the country is facing - fair and peaceful settlement on the basis suiting interests of Azerbaijan, as our interests are basing on norms of the international law. I would like to underline once more, we are ready to the dialogue, if the opponent party shows interest.

Q: I represent the Deutschland Zaytung. Mr. Prime Minister, I have just talked to the head of OSCE monitor group Peter Ayker. He spoke on probability of provocation on behalf of the opposition and on cases of violations in the course of the elections. What can you say about it? And the second questions. What can you say about the rumors, related physical conditions of the President?

A: There are different appraisals of campaigning in Azerbaijan. I met with representatives of OSCE, Council of Europe. I completely disagree with some opinions that there were shortcomings during campaigning of the nominees; each contender was given 10 minutes of the national TV air a week. During seven weeks, nominees and me among them had an opportunity to have a direct contact with voted during 70 minutes.

My position of a Prime Minister imposes extra responsibility. I held a few informal meetings with state heads, which were widely covered in the press. However, they are not related to pre-election campaign. However, if there were some violations, they were performed by opposition only. Maybe, people monitoring the course of campaigning, are not sincere. The government does not carry responsibility for these violations. Maybe it is connected with a transitive period.

Me personally express pities for these facts. Concerning the cooperation with international organization, it meets the interests of our country. Azerbaijan takes its fitting place in the Council of Europe. Leaders of that organization helped our country to improve our legislature. Therefore, I am sure that Azerbaijan should go on the cooperation with these organizations.

President of Azerbaijan undergoes treatment his, conditions are normal. Medical sources release the information on his state of health regularly. I am in permanent contact with him and he is following the course of campaigning by means of the Internet, as our TV programs are not accessible there. The rumors you were talking about are not prevented by us, because we have freedom of press. If we took administrative actions against these issues, it could have contradicted democratic norms. Absence of ethic norms in oppositional press is another reason of these rumors; actions of those who circulate these rumors are inhuman, their people should have behaved as normal human beings.

Q: Russian TV. Mr. Prime Minister, it is true, for recent ten years, Azerbaijan has achieved good success in extractive industry, particularly, in oil sector. Be you a President, will you be developing other fields, for example agriculture and others?

A: You know, I agree with this appraisal. However, fast development of oil sector is in full view. Maybe achievements in other fields are not seen behind them. Azerbaijan was the first among CIS countries to carry out land reform and land has been distributed in ownership among farmers. All taxes, except land-tax, have been exempted.

We eyewitness a fast 4-5 times growth of rural production for recent 6-7 years and even 10 times in some branches. Azerbaijan today provides itself fully with rural output and this tendency is going on. Development of non-oil sector, not only agriculture, but petrochemistry, construction, transports, services will be prior for any government. We achieved good results in oil sector, there are no serious problems here, but non-oil sector development should be prior.

Big work is being done in this direction. Big enterprises of Azerbaijan, which have been standing idle for years, are being restored today. During the recent two months, I have been taking part in the ceremonies of opening of new factories and plants and restoration of operations of non-working ones. It will be our priority and I am sure that Azerbaijan will be developing dynamically and in all directions.

Q: Samanyolu TV of Turkey. Mr. Prime Minister, Turkey is one of the most important countries in foreign policy of Azerbaijan. What do you think, which fields have not been included into the cooperation of the two countries? Secondly, what new are you going to introduce into political course of Heydar Aliyev?

A: The relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan are successfully developing. We are fraternal countries and cooperation in all fields makes us happy. It is not accidental that after I was appointed as Prime Minister, it was Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyib Erdogan who congratulated me first and invited to Turkey. I am happy that as Prime Minister I paid my first foreign visit to Turkey. Our countries are closely cooperating in all spheres helping each other. I state once more that our future should be together. There is no such field that Turkey and Azerbaijan were not cooperating actively. We just should try that this cooperation will further continue and our countries and people will become closer to each other.

I have been stating many times, I will follow Heydar Aliyev’s political course. Heydar Aliyev and his policy was one of the reasons of fraternal relationships between Azerbaijan and Turkey. Political course followed by Mr. President brought good results. We will continue this policy. Azerbaijani is developing life is going on. It will put new tasks and functions before us. However, they will be solved within the limits of Heydar Aliyev line. Azerbaijan connected its happy future with the continuation of Heydar Aliyev’s policy.

Q: First channel of Georgian TV. Mr. Ilham Aliyev, how do you comment on the recent statement of OSCE representatives, expressing concern over the elections?

A: I would not advice anyone to think ahead. The events should be appraised as they are taking place. One can suppose everything. However, the supposition should not become a basis for any conclusions. The conclusion will be done by monitors. There are over 1 thousand of foreign monitors and 40 thousand of local ones in the country. Forgery is impossible, in fact, taking into account the new Election Code and all procedures foreseen.

I mean new transparent ballot boxes, printed ballots in envelopes and printing of the ballots itself with the presence of foreign representatives. Therefore, publication of the results will be fast. These actions are directed to prevent any manipulations. I am sure, it will not take place, and actually, there is no need. I would not like to tell again about anyone’s chances. However, I can confidently say, that majority of people of Azerbaijan have already determined their decision.

I would like to advice all monitors to make decisions basing on accomplished facts, but not on someone’s conclusions.

Q: Caucasian bureau of Reuters news agency. Mr. Ilham Aliyev, tell me please, are you going to hold staff changes in case of your election? You told us you are going to continue Heydar Aliyev’s course. Are not you confused that you may enter history ad Ilham Aliyev, follower of the course, but not as Ilham Aliyev, innovator. The second question is as follows; refugees live in difficult conditions in 200 meters from the building of Taekwan-do center you were opening those days. What do you intend to do for making easier their conditions?

A: About staff changes, I told about it, when I was approved by the Parliament as a Prime Minister. I am a member of Heydar Aliyev’s team and worthy people are represented in this team, I am planning to cooperate with these people.

There will not be any changes. People who were working with Heydar Aliyev are worthy and they have contributed into development of statehood, economy of Azerbaijan. Therefore, there is no sense in big alterations. A man, first of all I believe, should think how he enters history. I have always thought one should perform properly his duties. On the other hand, speaking about history, it is more complimentary to enter history as Heydar Aliyev’s follower than as some kind of innovator.

We saw “innovators” in 1992 in Azerbaijan. These “innovators”, who are in opposition today, closed schools, which were being created for many years. People of Azerbaijan showed these “innovators” to the doors after one-year ruling. That is why the course of Heydar Aliyev should be continued anyway for welfare, in the name of economic development. This is my deep believe.

As I have told, I am responsible about all my duties, including the issues of development of sports. The fact that there is some kind of a problem somewhere does not mean that new sport complexes should not be constructed. I consider such approach incorrect misplaced within the framework of the interests of Azerbaijan. The conditions for youth not to wonder along the streets, but go in for sports were created in majority of regions, and it is good. It is good for people of Azerbaijan. Within 5-10 years people, and those who do not understand it today will appraise the work done today by the Olympic Committee. Nevertheless, those who have not understood make up the minority.

The problem of improvement of refugees’ living conditions is being solved in Azerbaijan. As soon as the country started getting first revenues from its oil activity, first revenues of the Oil Fund - $70 million - were directed to improvement of refugees’ living conditions.

During my visit to Bilasuvar region, I was taking part in the opening of a new settlement. Some 2600 families, it is over 10 thousand of people, were moved from a refugee camp to modern homes with all conveniences - water, lights, land plot and besides, they were given some financial aid. This process will go on. No refugee camp must exist in Azerbaijan. Thanks god, now we have some opportunities for these aims. These people live in difficult conditions the task of the government is to help them. This aid will be rendered in the future as well.

Q: The Chicago Tribune newspaper. What can you say about corruption combat?

A: Unfortunately, we see corruption in all spots of the world, including developed countries. From time to time, there are scandals connected with corruption in the countries with rich democratic traditions. It shows that this phenomenon is not a feature of the countries in transition, but of the countries with big experience of democratic development. However, the countries in transition suffer more from this phenomenon and the government should take efforts in corruption combat. It is impossible to achieve success in this combat only by administrative actions.

For decreasing the level of corruption, first of all, it is necessary to hold privatization, it is very important to create a class of business people. These factors could help in corruption combat. They are more efficient than administrative methods.

Azerbaijan achieved big results in the field of privatization. Today, about 75 percent of GDP come to the share of private sector. Market economy is developing in the country. There are cases of corruption, and oppositional leaders residing abroad are involved into them. At the expense of stolen money, they are writing anti-Azerbaijani articles in the international press. I must say no case of corruption has been registered on behalf of the government either inside or outside the country.

Q: The Russian Gazeta. Mr. Prime Minister, I have three questions. In case of your election, which prior issue will you be solving with Russia? Secondly, what role will be played by Heydar Aliyev in your life in case of your election as a president? Thirdly, what is the role of Azerbaijan in international terrorism combat? Could you disprove the rumors on arrest of the chief of personal security of Mr. President?

A: You see rumors again. Unfortunately, everything is basing on rumors.

We have high-level of economic relations with Russia. We are implementing the projects, which could be hardly imagined in the past. Everything is due to good will of our two Presidents - Vladimir Putin and Heydar Aliyev.

The contacts between them, mutual understanding, improvement of the relations in political field brought to good economic results in the field of power energy and other branches. We will pay a special attention to the cooperation with Russia and are ready to develop it in all directions.

Heydar Aliyev’s role in my life is not determined by my status or position. This role was key in my life. I am grateful that I was born and brought up in such family. His activity as President is known by many. However, not many people know about his personal qualities - manliness, bravery, openness and fairness. In the most complicated conditions Heydar Aliyev was always brave, a Man with big letter. That is why it is difficult to underestimate his role in my life. All my life I was and will be aspiring to be alike with him.

Azerbaijan is taking an active part in international terrorism combat. We have suffered from international Armenian terrorism, Armenian terrorist organizations committed 32 terrorist acts, explosions in metro, buses, ferries and trains; 2 thousand of innocent civilians - women, children and elderly died as a result of these terrorist acts. It was done by Armenian terrorists, though has not been condemned internationally.

Concerning the arrests, it is nonsense, all security guards of the President are fulfilling their functions, a part of them is with him, where he undergoes treatment and a part is in Baku. There were no arrests. I would advice not to hear oppositional newspaper and their inventions.

Q: Mr. Prime Minister, are you planning any actions to provide transparency of the Oil Fund, changes in legislature?

A: We are satisfied with the development of Oil Fund of Azerbaijan. During 9 years, I was dealing with affairs related to these projects. Over $5-6 billion have been invested to oil sector. Nine billion dollars more are to be invested within the upcoming 3 years. Production at new fields is being held, Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline is being constructed which is to be put into operation in the near time and gives a chance to transport 50 million tons of oil.

Everything is OK, investors are protected by the laws, and each oil contract is being registered in the Parliament and taking the validity of a law. Speaking about transparency, I should say The Oil Fund of Azerbaijan is the brightest example of transparency; it finds its direct reflection in this sector. Annual audit is being held in the Oil Fund, and the whole information about revenues and expenses of the Oil Fund is published in the press.

International financial organizations, such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank highly appraise transparency of the Oil Fund.

Azerbaijan is one of the first world countries joined the initiative of the British Prime Minister Tony Blaire on transparency of extractive industries and I have been personally taking part in this conference this year in London. This is our priority. We want that oil values were fairly distributed. We know about sad experience of some oil producing countries, which could not improve their situation as a result of big volume of oil production, but contrary aggravated the situation.

We studied the activities of all oil funds in the world, and took the pattern of the fund operating in Norway. As it is the most transparent and it has achieved the most positive results. Therefore, no one should have any anxiety about it. Azerbaijan is interested in transparency of the Oil Fund and that all citizens of Azerbaijan could receive benefits from it. Thank you.

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Armenian parliament ratifies Rome Statute

17 Azerbaijani wrestlers make successful start to 3rd Belt Wrestling European Championships in Baku

Photo exhibition dedicated to 100th anniversary of Great Leader Heydar Aliyev organized in Batumi

Azerbaijan`s Minister of Digital Development meets with ICESCO Director General

Azerbaijani judokas to compete in Odivelas World Championships Juniors Individuals 2023

From Sefik Dzaferovic, Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2018-2022), Member of Nizami Ganjavi International Center

Andersson to step down as coach if Sweden fail to get to Euros

Azerbaijan, Türkiye discuss prospects for cooperation in field of youth and sports

Central Bank: $54.1m worth of demand fully covered at FX auction

Mexican ambassador: Restoration and reconstruction work in the liberated territories is another area of cooperation between the two countries

India demands that Canada recall some 40 diplomats

Lightning strike causes large gas explosion at recycling plant in UK

Climate change driving humans to nihilism, warns psychologist

Azerbaijan, Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization discuss expansion of cooperation

® Job opportunities for IT specialists at Kapital Bank

“Eternity-2023” computer-assisted command and staff exercises held

President Ilham Aliyev: We attach great importance to development of relations of friendship and cooperation with Germany

FM Jeyhun Bayramov: Azerbaijan is interested in building peace with Armenia based on territorial integrity and sovereignty

Canada hosts presentation of book titled “100 moments of Heydar Aliyev's life”

To His Excellency Mr. Abdullatif Jamal Rashid, President of the Republic of Iraq

National Assembly speeds up efforts to outlaw dog meat consumption in S. Korea

To His Excellency Mr. Yoon Suk Yeol, President of the Republic of Korea

Champions League matchday 2 to start Tuesday with Real Madrid to play at Napoli

To His Excellency Mr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of the Federal Republic of Germany

Military equipment, weapons and ammunition seized in Karabakh region

Group of servicemen whose service period ended has been discharged, Defense Ministry

Minister Rashad Nabiyev meets with Director General of Roscosmos

Azerbaijani FM meets with newly appointed Latvian ambassador

“Space 2030: policies and strategies in global space economy” session kicks off in Baku

Elon Musk wins IAF World Space Award at 74th International Astronautical Congress in Baku

Baku hosted exhibition as part of 74th International Astronautical Congress
President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva attended opening of exhibition VIDEO

Baku Convention Center hosted opening ceremony of the 74th International Astronautical Congress
President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva attended the event VIDEO

Defense Ministry: Armenian combat quadracopter dropped explosive devices on Azerbaijan Army positions in Kalbajar

Cannabis cultivation discovered in Khojaly

International Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation, Kyrgyzstan discuss prospects for partnership

President Ilham Aliyev received head of Anglican Communion VIDEO

AZAL performs first flight en route Baku-Minsk-Baku

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry: 123 mines were detected and neutralized in Karabakh region

NASA Deputy Administrator visits Azerbaijan University of Languages

® Nar expands cellular network coverage in the metro

Khirdalan Municipality hosts a job fair in Baku under the Mayors for Economic Growth Initiative

China's power sector investments may top $13.7 trillion by 2060

Baku hosts opening ceremony of 3rd Belt Wrestling European Championships

Sofia University Celebrates 135th Anniversary October 2-3

Azerpost issues postage stamp dedicated to 74th International Astronautical Congress