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Congratulations to the people of Azerbaijan on the occasion of Eid al-Adha

Dear fellow countrymen, 

I extend my heartfelt congratulations and sincerest wishes to you and all our compatriots living outside Azerbaijan on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, which symbolizes moral unity, solidarity and brotherhood.

Sacrifice ceremony is remarkable for the fact that Islam, which encourages love for and obedience to the Most High, respect for high moral values, mercy and tolerance, was chosen as the way of truth for people. This blessed holiday embodies spiritual and moral unity of Muslims around the world, pious people`s love for the Almighty and readiness for dedication in the name of justice.

Being devoted to progressive Islamic values, the people of Azerbaijan have cherished Eid al-Adha as one of the blessed days since ancient times, even during the most difficult periods. Millions of Muslims, including thousands of our fellow countrymen, who now demonstrate great solidarity as they perform Hajj, express their gratitude to the Almighty and pray for peace and tranquility in our country and in the world.

On these festive days, Muslims do their sacred duty for Allah and religion, make sacrifices, help the poor and needy, pay tribute to the undying memory of our martyrs. It is with great satisfaction that I want to emphasize that every such festive occasion becomes a triumph of benevolence, unity and equality, devotion to the Motherland and national statehood in our society.

I do believe that this blessed holiday will boost our people’s heroism and devotion for the progress of the independent Republic of Azerbaijan and will further strengthen civil peace and national and moral solidarity in our country.

Dear sisters and brothers,

May Allah accept the sacrifices you make and bless each of you with the best of health, your families with happiness and your homes with abundance.

Happy Eid al-Adha!

Ilham Aliyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku, 20 August, 2018.

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