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President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev issued a Decree on pardoning of some of the persons convicted for punishment as imprisonment. The Decree runs: “Continuing the policy of the Azerbaijan state basing on principles of humanism and justice, showing respect and honor for the rights and freedom of the persons, having considered references on the pardon, addressed to the President of the Azerbaijan Republic of a number of the convicted persons, members of their families, the non-governmental organizations, the representative on human rights, taking into account the person, the state of health, the family status of the convicted, serving of the certain part of punishment by them, their behavior during this period, trusting in educational value of release from punishment, wishing that the pardoned persons steadily would observe laws and join the free society, being guided by the Article 109.22 of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, I, hereby, decree on release from the non-served parts of punishment of the following persons convicted for punishment as imprisonment”.

On the said Decree, the President of Azerbaijan has pardoned 264 people.

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