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To the Orthodox Christian community of Azerbaijan

Dear fellow countrymen!

I heartily congratulate you and the entire Christian community of Azerbaijan on the sacred holiday of Christmas and wish each one of you all the best.

Over the centuries, representatives of different nations and religions have lived in Azerbaijan in the atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect, prosperity, friendship and brotherhood. It is no coincidence that Azerbaijan is recognized worldwide as an example of tolerance, a society of dialogue between civilizations and cultures, a country with advanced traditions of multiculturalism. The preservation and further development of the national and historical heritage and the ethno-cultural diversity today is one of the most important directions of the state policy pursued in Azerbaijan.

I want to say with a sense of satisfaction that regardless of the language, religion and ethnicity, all ethnic national minorities of our country, including the Orthodox Christian community, are making a worthy contribution to interethnic and inter-religious relations, are actively involved in the further strengthening of civic solidarity, development and creation in Azerbaijan.

I want to say with a sense of satisfaction that representatives of different ethnicities and religions, including our fellow countrymen from the Orthodox Christian community, are rallying behind the ideology of Azerbaijanism, taking a direct and active part in the protection of our territorial integrity, the construction of a civil society and the extensive creative work under way in the name of the development and progress of our republic.

The holiday of Christmas, which epitomizes renewal, accord and prosperity, is solemnly celebrated by the Christian community of Azerbaijan every year. On this auspicious day I would like to extend my holiday wishes for happiness and well-being to you and your families.

Happy Holidays!

Ilham Aliyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku, 5 January 2015


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