Dusen Kaseinov: A few strokes to a portrait

Istanbul, April 10, AZERTAC

Secretary General of the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TURKSOY), Professor Dusen Kaseinov recently celebrated his 70th birthday. Kaseinov is known for being a beautiful person, who loves the Turkic world, including Azerbaijan, overwhelmingly. He treats Azerbaijan with the same sincere and tender feelings as he treats his homeland. According to his former colleagues, Professor Dusen Kaseinov is a very caring person and a just leader.

Dusen Kaseinov was born on March 10, 1947 in the town of Biysk, Altai region. In 1961, he enrolled at Karaganda Music College, which he graduated in 1965. He then entered Almaty State Conservatory. During his student years, Dusen Kaseinov also played in the Chamber Orchestra of the State Radio and Television of Kazakhstan. By his further musical activity he has made a great contribution to the development of culture and promoted the strengthening of international relations of his country. He served in the Philharmonic Orchestra of Mexico City for three years. Later, he served as rector of Almaty State Conservatory for 10 years. He was appointed as Minister of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2003 and then received diplomatic rank of an ambassador, expanding the scope of his activity as a diplomat.

In 2008, Kaseinov took office as Secretary General of the TURKSOY, thus, assuming a historical mission before the Turkic world. He is a champion of peace, development and progress, friendship and brotherhood and prosperity of people. His life credo is to see the planet peaceful, developed and prosperous. Therefore, he advocates a dialogue between cultures and religions. Many countries awarded Kaseinov with orders and medals for his purposeful activity. He received the Russian Order of Friendship in 2007 for his contribution to the development of world culture and peace-loving cultural projects. The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan awarded Kaseinov with "Dostlug" Order in 2012. He is also the holder of Turkmenistan’ Medal "Makhtumkuli Fragi" and many other awards. He received a total of 13 orders and medals in the past 17 years.

I congratulated Dusen Kaseinov on his 70th birthday in the Turkish city of Sakarya. A ceremony held by TURKSOY in Ankara to mark the 300th anniversary of Molla Panah Vagif continued in Sakarya. Despite physical fatigue, Kaseinov’s mood was upbeat because the events celebrating the anniversary of the great Azerbaijani poet were excellently organized. Duisen Kaseinov's role in this is undeniable.

Dusen Kaseinov is a charming person, an exemplary family man, a dedicated citizen and thoughtful leader. During our talk, he told me that he plans to celebrate his 70th jubilee next year because his wife died just less than a year ago. This decision, which stems from boundless respect for the memory of his spouse, is an exemplary one.

Our discussion with Kaseinov was very sincere.

In response to my question "What kind of work do you prefer?" he said:

- I was entrusted with high positions. I served as a rector, I was a minister and took other governmental posts. I have headed TURKSOY for almost 10 years. Despite all this, I am a musician. Music is a reflection of my inner world. Playing the violin, I can convey my thoughts to people. My words and thoughts find their way to the hearts of people through music.

Speaking about Dusen Kaseinov, official representative of Azerbaijan in TURKSOY Elchin Gafarli says: "He is a real Turkist, a sympathetic person, a fair leader. Having an equal approach to national holidays, customs and traditions, as well as historical figures of TURKSOY member states, he founded a management tradition that will live forever. He has established a tradition to celebrate the birthdays of official representatives, other employees of TURKSOY and their family members, and to respect each other's holidays, customs and traditions. Dusen Kaseinov is convinced that respect, attention and courtesy in relations lay at the heart of integration of the Turkic world. I consider him my best teacher. Working under his guidance, I learned a lot from him, gained a lot of experience. In general, I believe that TURKSOY is a big school, every employee working here under the leadership of Dusen Kaseinov is going through a great life school, in a certain sense, has the opportunity to gain experience in the field of management, establishment of contacts and international cultural ties. Dusen Kaseinov played a big role in the election of Shaki as a "Cultural capital of the Turkic world" in 2016 and the participation of well-known art, culture workers and scientists of the Turkic world in various events. Thanks to these activities, Shaki, which has a rich history and culture, gained fame in the Turkic world.”

The official representative of Kazakhstan in TURKSOY Askar Turganbaev, said that Kaseinov always insists that all cultures of the Turkic peoples were represented equally in the events organized by TURKSOY. In particular, he makes every effort to support small-number Turkic peoples, to promote their culture. He has always supported and promoted participation of Altaians, Khakas, Tuvinians, Yakuts, Gagauz and representatives of other peoples in the events organized by TURKSOY in UNESCO and the United Nations. Dusen Kaseinov says that independent Turkic states hold Days of culture and can perform on the international scene. However, the opportunities of the small-number Turkic peoples are limited. Therefore, we must support them in the first place.

Official representative of Kyrgyzstan in TURKSOY Kozhogeldi Kuluev pointed out that there were no representatives of Kyrgyzstan in the organization before him. However, after Dusen Kaseinov's meeting with the President of Kyrgyzstan, the country appointed its representative. Ever since, the number of TURKSOY events and books dedicated Kyrgyzstan has grown significantly, and the representation of Kyrgyz cultural and arts figures in these events has also increased.

Speaking about the historical achievements of TURKSOY, Dusen Kaseinov focuses notably on promising projects. According to him, spiritual wealth of the Turkic world is an inexhaustible well. "The Turkic world has so many historical personalities, customs and traditions, its contribution to the world cultural treasury is so rich and great that it is possible to explore them endlessly. All this brings new initiatives and projects," he says.

Specialists believe that the multifaceted activities of TURKSOY, the recognition of the Turkic world in the international arena give a significant impetus to the development of the tourism sector in our countries and contribute not only to the integration of the cultures of the Turkic states, but also to the development of a number of branches of the economy.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that the aim of TURKSOY is to promote the ancient and modern Turkic culture both in Turkic speaking countries and throughout the world and bring it to future generations. Under the guidance of Professor Dusen Kaseinov, TURKSOY is already represented in all authoritative international organizations. Dusen Kaseinov has played an invaluable role in ensuring the joint celebration of Novruz holiday at the headquarters of the United Nations, UNESCO, the Council of Europe and other international organizations, organizing film festivals and anniversaries of historical figures of the Turkic world, instituting special medals and prizes, and implementing other successful projects.

AZERTAC`s staff congratulates the Secretary General of the International Organization of Turkic Culture, Professor Dusen Kaseinov on his 70th birthday, and wishes him robust health and further accomplishments.

Sabir Shakhtakhty

Special correspondent


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