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Defense Ministry: Combat duty organized at high level in Azerbaijan’s liberated territories VIDEO

Defense Ministry: Combat duty organized at high level in Azerbaijan’s liberated territories   VIDEO

Baku, August 12, AZERTAC

Under the instruction of President of Azerbaijan, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev, the service and combat activities of the Azerbaijan Army Units stationed in the liberated territories are organized at a high level, the Ministry of Defense told AZERTAC.

“The required measures are being taken to further increase the combat capability of military personnel serving 24 hours a day in areas with harsh climatic conditions and difficult terrain, and to maintain a state of combat readiness at a high level.

Azerbaijani servicemen serving in specified combat positions are constantly ready to suppress any provocation”, the ministry said.

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Defense Ministry: Combat duty organized at high level in Azerbaijan’s liberated territories   VIDEO

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