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Dear friends,

I want to congratulate you cordially on the opening of this new enterprise. It indicates once again that Azerbaijan’s development is in progress, and new job opportunities are created. All regions of Azerbaijan are provided by modern equipment and facilities, hundred people have been employed at this factory.

I was told that the factory is going to expand its activity, increase its productivity and will expert its products. I am very glad of that; actually, it shows the tradition, which can be observed in Azerbaijan for the last years. This policy has been carrying out by esteemed President Heydar Aliyev since 1993. Under his leadership, each sphere of life in Azerbaijan is developing; each sector of our economy is developing.

Exactly due to the economic reforms carried out and stability established, investments flow in the economy, new job opportunities are created, enterprises are opened. If the investors had not been confident in the future, they would not make investments in our country. It shows once again that Azerbaijan is on the right way.

Azerbaijan has a very happy future. I express my gratitude to the employees of this enterprise and its investors for their support of our activity. I also want to address other entrepreneurs saying that Azerbaijani State and Government will render constant assistance to them and protect their investments.

I once again congratulate you on the opening of this factory and wish you every success. Thank you.


The same day, after the inauguration ceremony, Prime Minister Ilham Aliyev visited the Alley of Martyrs in Lankaran. He revered memories of the courageous sons of Azerbaijan who fell for independence of the Republic.

Head of the Azerbaijan Government took part at the opening of the “Gala” Hotel in the center of the city. Under the applauses, he cut the red ribbon of the Hotel. He was informed that the Hotel is ‘four stars’ and accommodates over 100 guests simultaneously. The Prime Minister toured the object, familiarized with the area. He expressed his satisfaction with the conditions set up here.

Then, Mr. Ilham Aliyev acquainted with the Lankaran branch of “Mostbank”, interested in the business activity of the Bank.

Prime Minister Ilham Aliyev acquainted with the new residence of the Yeni Azerbaijan Party in Lankaran. He congratulated the heads of the organization and wished success.

On 9 October, opening of the Olympic Complex built in Sutamurdov village was held. Prime Minister Ilham Aliyev participated at the opening ceremony.

In his opening remarks, head of the Lankaran executive power body Zeynal Nagdaliyev welcomed Prime Minister on behalf of the residents of Lankaran, noting that on the eve of the visit of Prime Minister, there was commissioned new social objects, industrial enterprises, tinned food factory and reconstructed hotel.

He reminded the visits of the head of Azerbaijani state to Lankaran in the 70s, saying that Heydar Aliyev initiated construction of many objects, such as Khanbulanchay water reservoir, modern airport, State Drama Theater, hospital, cultural institutions. In the 70-80s of the last century, under the wise policy, the region of Lankaran developed in all fields, the orator stressed. Therefore, the residents of Lankaran region are thankful to the head of the Azerbaijan state.

Touching upon today’s social-political stability in the Republic, the speaker said that the reforms are going ahead in the region as well. We have speedy development and solve our crucial problems.

Dear Prime MinisterThe Republic of Azerbaijan lives the period of revival and evolution. The people of Lankaran also make their contributions to creation of welfare and prosperity in the country. The entrepreneurs open new enterprises, produce new goods. Private sector is developing. The newly opened enterprises employ about 1400 people.

With your close assistance, construction of the International Sea Port was launched in the region and it is a new page in the history of Lankaran.

All problems connected with energy were removed. Natural gas is delivering to Lankaran, and 85 percent of the city is supplied with gas.

Dear Prime Minister, you play great role in realization of the oil strategy of Azerbaijan, for development of sports in the country. You have done a lot to bring the fairs cause of Azerbaijan to the notice of the world community. You have extra and invaluable contributions to better welfare of the nation. The residents of Lankaran now receive the new Sports Complex you promised two years ago during your visit. We are thankful to You. The people of Lankaran will back you at the coming presidential elections. Long live Ilham Aliyev, the guarantee of the bright future of Azerbaijan.


Then, was speaking the teacher of the Lankaran State University Mirhashim Talishli, teacher of the Lerik secondary school #1 Gultekin Shikhaliyeva, chairman of the Astara Council of Old, Hamlet Aliyev, who on behalf of the intelligentsia of the region welcomed the Prime Minister, assured him that the men of culture, art and literature of the region always support Mr. Heydar Aliyev’s political course. We know You as the worthy successor of President Heydar Aliyev, he underlined. They also stressed the stability established in the Republic thanks to the wise of President Heydar Aliyev.

Then, Prime Minister Ilham Aliyev made a speech.


Dear residents of Lankaran

Dear sisters and brothers,

I welcome all of you. I congratulate you with the opening of such remarkable Olympic Complex. At the same time, I extend my gratitude to the residents of Lerik and Astara, who have come to take part at this ceremony.

When I visited Lankaran in September 2001, I stated that the National Olympic committee decided to build a modern Olympic complex in Lankaran. I am delightful that today it has become a reality.

Sports in Azerbaijan have acquired massive character. This is very pleased that during three years, since 2000, we have built numerous sports complexes in all regions of Azerbaijan. It is an important event. I consider this is a policy to think over and over. There are talented sportsmen in every region and province of our Country. Those who are engaged in sports are physically and morally healthy. We need healthy nation, healthy generation.

Yesterday in Baku we opened a new sports complex, then in Barda and today in Lankaran. This shows that there is great care and attention for sports in Azerbaijan. The issue has always been in the focus of Mr. President Heydar Aliyev. Our sportsmen worthily represent the Republic of Azerbaijan at the international contests, gain medals and become champions. I am sure that they will further be active in the international contests, world, European Champs, Olympics. Sports develop in the country where there is development and stability. Azerbaijan under the leadership of Heydar Aliyev has succeeded much more in the last ten years. In 1993, the country was on the verge of catastrophe. The Country was about disappearance. Just under Heydar Aliyev’s policy, Azerbaijan gained peace, stability and development. Economy of the country is developing and Azerbaijan could seize a worthy place among the international community.

Reforms are being conducted in Azerbaijan, the oil strategy of Heydar Aliyev implementing. As the result of this, the people live well. We want Azerbaijan to develop further. We have every opportunity for this - natural resources, stable political will, and support of the people. All these factors will promote to develop the Country.

I am very pleased and with a feeling of satisfaction, I can say that the same development seems in Lankaran. I have participated at the opening ceremonies in new objects since this morning. We have commissioned a new tinned food factory. This process is going in all the regions. New working places are opened, and they meet world standards. Local production increases.

Opening of new working places is priority in the policy of the government. IN the coming five years, we shall open 600 thousand of working places. It is an enormous figure. They might say is it is not real. I can say that all economic calculations have been carried out for this. Unemployment problem, thus, will be completely abolished in Azerbaijan. This is the most important problem Azerbaijan encounters. Unemployment should be prevented and poverty should be combated.

For this purpose, Azerbaijan is realizing special programs in association with the world leading financial structures, and I am sure that poverty reduction programs will be a success in the Republic.

In Azerbaijan, entrepreneurship and private sector develops. Share of Gross Domestic Production is above 70 percent. This shows that in Azerbaijan, principles of market economy are ruling in the economy.

Today we have opened another infrastructure object, a hotel. It is very pleased that the Hotel meets high standards. It is worthy for the residents of Lankaran. I have not seen such hotel in other regions of Azerbaijan. This will promote development of tourism in the beautiful region with remarkable climate, splendid nature.

Azerbaijan will become a rich country. The policy pursued by Mr. Heydar Aliyev, yields its fruits. Oil strategy is being implemented in Azerbaijan. We have colossal currency reserves. It will enable to develop economy of every region. The ministry of economic development prepares special program that every citizen of Azerbaijan will benefit.

In 2001, I had promised that I would help in natural gas delivery to Lankaran. The city was not supplied with gas for many years.

I was seriously engaged in the problem. We prepared special program and implemented and as the result of it gas supply to some south regions, including Lankaran was restored. Our goal is to completely provide the city with gas. And we shall reach it.

As you know, esteemed Mr. President always respectfully regarded Lankaran, as well as other regions in this zone. You all have felt that. Mr. President has several times visited these regions. You know that Mr. President because of health problems will not participate at the elections. I will. I would like to assure you I would continue his policy. We shall be together in coming years and you will be in my focus.

In Azerbaijan, there is no alternative to Heydar Aliyev’s policy. Alternative policy would lead Azerbaijan to a gulf. The people of Azerbaijan passed through hard ordeals in 1992-1993s. Azerbaijan underwent a hard crisis, anarchy and chaos. Predatory groups, armed militants were ruling everywhere. In this case, future of Azerbaijan was under question. Inability of the then opposition leaders caused ruins in the country. They have returned to policy due to the democratic processes guaranteed by Mr. President Heydar Aliyev. And, now they lie you, promise you, make fantasies. But the people of Azerbaijan do not believe them.

Azerbaijan was saved and misfortunes are behind.

In Azerbaijan, the war was stopped. There is no economic crisis in the Republic. On the contrary, there is development. In comparison with the neighboring countries, Azerbaijan is in the first place. On foreign economic investments per capita in the CIS space and in some Eastern European countries, the Republic holds the first place. According to the inflation level, we are among the high-developed countries.

In the result of the oil strategy of Heydar Aliyev, two oil pipelines were built and put into operation. Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan MEP is one of the largest projects that were ever built in the world. It will benefit the people of Azerbaijan much more and in 2005 we shall inaugurate the MEP.

Under the Decree of President Heydar Aliyev, there was created the Oil Fund. Now, Azerbaijan has 1 billion 400 million-currency reserves. It equaled null in 1993. The opposition leaders transferred to their foreign accounts.

Azerbaijan will continue realization of oil strategy. After the BTC MEP will be put into operation, Azerbaijan can export 50 million tons of oil and this will bring 5 billion USD to the Country. With these means, it will be possible to all-rounded develop Azerbaijan, build new factories, plants, schools, hospitals, open new working places. You should ask the opposition: did Heydar Aliyev create these that you would destroy them? Never, the people of Azerbaijan have made its choice.

We shall not let these dishonest and defamed people assume the power. The nation will not let them. On 15 October, the people will vote for President Heydar Aliyev’s policy.

We have large plans for coming years. I noted that Azerbaijan intensively develops. Socio-economic problems are gradually solved. It will be better. Energy carriers will develop and energy supply of the regions will be provided completely. Two power stations at 400 megawatt will be built in the coming five years. That will end energy shortage in the Republic. And Azerbaijan will be able to import energy.

Import of the natural gas will be continued. Of course, not all is okay in the country. We know that. But we should attach great attention to social problems. The officials are sometimes indifferent to needs of citizens. I have told this several times. I have been addressed by numerous people.

In the last ten days, we have been attentive and sense to the applications of the people. It will be so in further. All the problems should find their solution. We should serve our people. This was demonstrated by example of Heydar Aliyev. We must always be engaged in the problems of citizens of the country. If we all act so, no problem will remain unsolved.

Dear residents of Lankaran,

I know well that the people of Lankaran have done a lot for independence of Azerbaijan, underwent loss, victims. Courageous sons of Lankaran are successors of the twice Hero of Soviet Union Hazi Aslanov. I am thankful to you for this. I am sure that we all together shall further strengthen independence of Azerbaijan.

I have noted this and reiterate. In 2001, I have promised to make a remarkable gist to the people of Lankaran and I shall take part at the opening of it. You are witnesses that we kept our promise, our initiative. It was my personal initiative. We shall do it in another regions as well. We launched this program in early 2000. Now we have greater opportunities. I promise you to build a swimming pool in Lankaran and we shall certainly inaugurate it.

Dear resident of Lankaran,

Dear residents of Astara,

Dear residents of Lerik,

I express my gratitude for coming to this meeting and sincere feelings you demonstrate. I would like to assure you I would adhere Heydar Aliyev’s political course. We all together will continue Heydar Aliyev’s policy.


Then, the Prime Minister cut the red ribbon and inaugurated the Olympic Complex, toured the area, familiarized with the training facilities. The Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction with the quality of the high-level sports complex in the south region of the Republic.

Masters of art and culture performed concerts for the audience.


Prime Minister Ilham Aliyev acquainted with the hotel “Olympic” built near the Complex. Head of the Azerbaijani government satisfied with the modern hotel and conditions created here.

The same day, Prime Minister Ilham Aliyev visited the ‘Beta’ tea factory in the Sutamurdov village of Lankaran. He was informed that the enterprise was reconstructed with the financial assistance of the Turkish “Beta” companies group, widened and modernly equipped. Currently, the factory exports its production to the foreign countries, including CIS countries. 300 people were employed at the factory. It produces 20 tons of tealeaves a day. The factory increases its production completely in account of the foreign investment.

Prime Minister Ilham Aliyev familiarized with the production process, talked to the staff specialists of the factory.

On 9 October, Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev stayed in Masalli and Jalilabad regions, held meetings with the electors.

Minister of internal affairs Ramil Usubov, minister of transport Ziya Mammadov, minister of economic development Farhad Aliyev, minister of youth, sports ands tourism Abulfaz Garayev, chiefs of departments of President Administration, Ali Hasanov and Yusif Humbatov, Members of Parliament and other officials took part at the meetings in the south provinces.

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