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The best parks in regions of Azerbaijan - Guba, Gusar and Khachmaz

Baku, June 22, AZERTAC

City parks are oases of greenery in the stone jungle, which attract tourists with a special atmosphere of tranquility, inviting you to enjoy moments of peace in the shade of age-old trees and enjoy the murmur of water in the fountains. Parks in the regions of Azerbaijan sometimes surpass Baku's parks in terms of landscaping. Some of these parks are a hundred or more years old, and others are built quite recently, some parks are distinguished by compactness, while others are huge complexes with a variety of infrastructure.

We will try to tell you everything in detail!

Park on the Central Square - Guba city

This park was opened after a complex restoration on July 15, 2012 and turned into a favorite recreation place for Guba residents and guests of the city. The area of the transformed park expanded to 2 hectares, acquired openwork gazebos, oak benches, beautiful illuminations. The park is buried in greenery: majestic willows, green spruce, ancient plane trees, multicolored flower beds with flowers grow here. Numerous children's attractions are located on the equipped territory: a railway, a carousel, a swing, sandboxes. Visitors to the park are encouraged by a musical fountain with illumination, a family cafe, concert programs, which are held every Tuesday and Thursday all year round. In the evenings the park is full of people who come here to relax, listen to music, drink tea in a cozy teahouse, play board games and enjoy communication with loved ones.

Nizami Park - Guba city

It is said that the oldest park in the city - the park of Nizami, was built by the captured Germans in 1946. The territory of the park is buried in greenery, fountains gurgle in the shade of trees. Visitors spend their spare time in cozy teahouses, playing billiards or sitting on comfortable benches. A monument to the great Azerbaijani poet Nizami Ganjavi is erected in the park. Around the monument along the shady Alley stand bas-reliefs, depicting the most famous works of the writer.

The central building that attracts attention in the Nizami Park is the 2-storey building of the Guba School of Chess, built in September 2011. On the first floor of the school there is a computer room and 6 training rooms equipped with a wireless Internet network. On the second floor there is a competition hall where 300-350 sportsmen can hold a simultaneous game session. By the way, the competitions that take place in the main hall can be observed on monitors. On the second floor there are also training rooms and administrative premises.

Having taken a walk in the park, you can go down the stairs to the ancient arched bridge over the river Gudialchay. Pay attention to the gilded sculptures set here in the style of Soviet eclecticism - a grape picker, a girl with a ball, a young man with a tennis racket, a worker. The pedestrian bridge will lead the travelers straight to the village of Mountain Jews - Krasnaya Sloboda.

Nariman Narimanov Park - the city of Gusar

The central park of culture and recreation named after Nariman Narimanov located in the city of Gusar in the north of Azerbaijan is considered one of the oldest in Azerbaijan. The park was founded in 1853, and in 1963 it was named the best park of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The main advantage of ancient parks is their rich flora, in which there are giant trees. In the park of culture and recreation of the city of Gusar on the territory of more than 3 hectares grows such species as oak, chestnut, beech, ash, linden, sea buckthorn, dogwood, cherry plum, hawthorn, etc. In the grass of the park there are even wild onions and garlic. This corner of nature was chosen by a lot of birds, including starlings, jackdaws, thrushes, pigeons, falcons, etc.

A monument to Nariman Narimanov, an Azerbaijani writer, public and political figure, was erected in the park. A monument to a native of the Gusar region, a hero of the Great Patriotic War, Hero of the Soviet Union Mirza Veliyev, was erected here on the Heroes Alley.

Among the shady park alleys there are benches, various sculptures, a fountain. On the stage in the park during the holidays there are performances of cultural figures. There is a café and a veterans' house on the territory of the park.

Seirangah of Heydar Aliyev - Khachmaz city

The parks of the neighboring town of Khachmaz, by their design, can surprise even the most sophisticated metropolitan residents. One of them - Seirangah of Heydar Aliyev, with a length of 2 km and a total area of about 5 hectares, is located on both sides of Baku Avenue and is united by two mosaic-decorated overground pedestrian crossings, 24 meters long.

The visitors of the park are attracted by magnificent sculptures, fountains and large stone arbors, skillfully laid out in mosaic. There are two beautifully designed spring complexes in the park, named after the national leader Heydar Aliyev and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. A spring of 21 meters high, 3 artificial waterfalls and 80 fountains have been built in the spring complex of Heydar Aliyev. And in the complex of Ilham Aliyev there is a spring 15 meters high, three artificial waterfalls and 48 fountains.

Fountains try to outdo each other in a variety of shapes and sizes. So, one of them is made in the form of a huge samovar 12 meters high with a cup, into which water flows. Another fountain depicts a teapot with water pouring out of it, symbolizing tea. This wonderful drink, without which it is difficult to imagine life in the East, takes an honorable place in the culture of Azerbaijan. And it is not by chance that there are so many sculptural compositions in Khachmaz that outplay the theme of tea. Here in one of the mounds in the village of Janahyr in 1982 was discovered one of the first samovars found in the territory of Azerbaijan, belonging to the III-II centuries BC. Together with the samovar, a traditional oil lamp was also found, which is also immortalized in one of the sculptures of this park. And finally, a sculpture of the traditional for Azerbaijan elegant jug is installed in the park, in which pink water (gulab) is usually kept.

The park also houses a monument to the famous poet and statesman Shah Ismail Khatai (1485-1524), the founder of the Safavid state.

Well, as in any park, there are many cafes, teahouses, restaurants, cozy benches and alleys, attracting visitors with emerald freshness of well-groomed lawns.

Park of Cultural Figures – Khachmaz

This park, located in the heart of Khachmaz, is also called the Museum in the open air, dedicated to the outstanding personalities of Azerbaijan. At the time of opening in 2006, busts of 15 famous personalities were installed here. In 2010, the museum was reconstructed, and in 2013 it was updated lighting system, fountains and flower beds.

Today, on the territory of about 2 hectares, busts of 39 poets and writers, artists and artists are placed and a monument to the genius Nizami Ganjavi is erected. Presented are also the plot compositions from the famous works of outstanding writers. The park also houses the Khachmaz Museum of Local History, the Mirza Fatali Akhundov City Library, 5 fountains and a spring complex.

Chenlibel Park - Khachmaz city

Another notable park of the town of Khachmaz is Chenlibel, which got its name in honor of the town where Korogly, the hero of the folk epic of the 17th century, settled. He led the people's struggle against the unjust rulers. The central figure of the park is the monument to Korogly on horseback and with a sword in his hand. The walls in the park also feature frescoes with various sketches from the folk epic and history.

In a huge park area of 5 hectares, there are many children's entertainments: they are delighted with a lot of various carousels and swings, colorful sculptural compositions are installed everywhere. Here is a shepherd with a flock of sheep, near a flock of ducks on the grass, next to a giraffe, a funny cow, the figure of the fairy-tale hero Shrek. A flock of white swans froze in the pond with an artificial waterfall. The fountain in the form of a crane, as if suspended in the air, also attracts attention. There are a lot of comfortable benches and shady arbours in the park.

The Fountain Park - Khachmaz

Finally, another notable landmark of Khachmaz - The Fountain Park, was completely renovated and put at the disposal of holidaymakers in 2012. Here on the territory of 1 hectare there are located, no less, 7 majestic fountains of various shapes and complexity of design, each with its own twist. Particularly attractive infrastructure of the park looks in the evenings, when skillfully lit up streams of fountains fill the air with crystal freshness.

Everywhere there are interesting sculptural compositions: a giraffe with a cub, an elephant, a nymph with a basket, etc. In the park there are many cafes, teahouses, points of sale of drinks and ice cream.

In addition, on the territory of the Fountain Park, there are buildings of the Children's Library in the fund of which store 29 thousand books, and the Carpet Museum. The exposition of the Carpet Museum will make it possible for all comers to familiarize themselves with the history of formation and the modern stage of the development of carpet weaving in Azerbaijan. The central place in the pavilions of the museum is allocated to the carpets of the carpet weaving school in the northern region of the country - about 60 ancient samples are represented here. A special place among the exhibits is the work of the famous artist on carpets of Kamil Aliyev "Carpet portrait of Heydar Aliyev". In general, the exposition clearly demonstrates that today the carpet weaving school in Azerbaijan is experiencing another upswing.

Due to convenient location and accomplishment - benches along the avenues, a succession of flower beds - Fountain Park is a favorite vacation spot for citizens and guests of Khachmaz.

To be continued…


Emil Eyyubov

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