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Liberated from occupation Azerbaijani cities and villages

Liberated from occupation Azerbaijani cities and villages

As a result of a successful counter-offensive launched by the Azerbaijani Army on September 27, four cities, three settlements and 199 villages were liberated from occupation till November 4. Jabrayil city and 77 villages of the district, Fuzuli district and 30 villages of the district, Zangilan city, Minjivan, Aghband settlements and 46 villages of the district, Hadrut settlement and 20 villages of Khojavand district, three villages of Tartar district, Gubadli city and 23 villages of the district, as well as strategic heights in the direction of Aghdara district and Murovdagh have been liberated so far.

AZERTAC presents the list of cities, settlements and villages liberated from the occupation:

27 September

  • Garakhanbayli, Garvand, Kand Horadiz, Yukhari Abdurrahmanli villages of Fuzuli district
  • Boyuk Marjanli, Nuzgar villages of Jabrayil district
  • Strategic heights in the direction of Aghdara and Murovdagh

3 October

  • Sugovushan and Talish villages of Tartar district
  • Mehdili, Chakhirli, Ashaghi Maralyan, Shaybay, Guyjag villages of Jabrayil district
  • Ashaghi Abdurrahmanli village of Fuzuli district

4 October

  • Jabrayil city and Karkhulu, Shukurbayli, Yukhari Maralyan, Charakan, Dashkasan, Horovlu, Dejal, Mahmudlu, Jafarabad villages of the district.

5 October 

  • Shikhali Aghali, Sarijali, Mazra villages of Jabrayil district

9 October

  • Hadrut settlement and Sur village of Khojavand district
  • Garajalli, Suleymanli, Afandilar and Gishlag villages of Jabrayil district
  • Yukhari Guzlak, Gorazilli villages of Fuzuli district
  • Chayli village of Tartar district

14 October

  • Garadaghli, Khatunbulag, Garakollu villages of Fuzuli district
  • Bulutan, Malikjanli, Kamarturk, Taka, Taghaser villages of Khojavand district

15 October

  • Edisha, Dudukchu, Edilli, Chiraguz villages of Khojavand district
  • Arish village of Fuzuli district
  • Doshulu village of Jabrayil district

16 October

  • Khirmanjig, Aghbulag, Akhullu villages of Khojavand district

17 October

  • Gochahmadli, Chiman, Juvarli, Pirahmadli, Musabayli, Ishigli, Dadali villages of Fuzuli district and the city of Fuzuli

18 October

  • Azerbaijani flag raised over the Khudafarin bridge

19 October

  • Soltanli, Amirvarli, Mashanli, Hasanli, Alikeykhanli, Gumlag, Hajili, Goyarchinveysalli, Niyazgullar, Kechal Mammadli, Shahvalli, Haji Ismayilli, Isagli villages of Jabrayil district

20 October

  • Havali, Zarnali, Mammadbayli, Hakari, Sharifan, Mughanli villages of Zangilan district and the city of Zangilan
  • Dordchinar, Kurdlar, Yukhari Abdurrahmanli, Garghabazar, Ashaghi Veysalli, Yukhari Aybasanli villages of Fuzuli district
  • Safarsha, Hasangaydi, Fughanli, Imambaghi, Dash Veysalli, Aghtapa, Yarahmadli villages of Jabrayil district
  • Aghjakand, Mulkudara, Dashbashi, Gunashli (previosly Norashen), Chinarli (Vang) villages of Khojavand district

21 October

  • Minjivan settlement and Khurama, Khumarli, Sari Babayli, Ucunju Aghali, Hajalli, Girakh Mushlan, Udgun, Turabad, Ichari Mushlan, Malikli, Jahangirbayli, Baharli villages of Zangilan district
  • Balyand, Papi, Tulus, Hajili, Tinli villages of Jabrayil district
  • Gejagozlu, Ashaghi Seyidahmadli, Zargar villages of Fuzuli district

22 October

  • Kollugishlag, Malatkeshin, Kand Zangilan, Genlik, Valigulubayli, Garadara, Chopadara, Tatar, Tiri, Amirkhanli, Gargulu, Bartaz, Dallakli villages and Aghband settlement of Zangilan district
  • Sirik, Shikhlar, Mastalibayli, Darzili villages of Jabrayil district
  • Mollavali, Yukhari Rafadinli, Ashaghi Rafadinli villages of Fuzuli district

23 October

  • Dolanlar and Bunyadli villages of Khojavand district
  • Dagh Tumas, Nusus, Khalafli, Minbashili and Veysalli villages of Jabrayil district
  • Vanadli and Mirzahasanlar villages of Zangilan district
  • Zilanli, Kurd Mahrizli, Mughanli and Alagurshag villages of Gubadli district

25-26 October

  • Birinji Alibayli, Ikinji Alibayli, Raband, Yenikand villages of Zangilan district
  • Govshudlu, Sofulu, Dagh Mashanli, Kurdlar, Hovuslu, Chalabilar villages of Jabrayil district
  • Padar, Afandilar, Yusifbayli, Chaytumas, Khanlig, Sariyatag, Mollaburhan villages of Gubadli district and the city of Gubadli.

28 October

  • Birinji Aghali, Ikinji Aghali, Uchunju Aghali, Zarnali villages of Zangilan district
  • Mandili village of Fuzuli district
  • Gazanzami, Khanaghabulag, Chullu, Gushchular, Garaaghaj villages of Jabrayil district
  • Giyasli, Abilja, Gilijan villages of Gubadli district.

30 October

  • Khudaverdili, Gurbantapa, Shahvaladli, Khubyarli villages of Jabrayil district
  • Aladin, Vejnali villages Zangilan district
  • Kavdadig, Mamar, Mollali villages of Gubadli district.

2 November

  • Chaprand, Haji Isagli, Goshabulag villages of Jabrayil district
  • Dara Gilatagh, Boyuk Gilatagh villages of Zangilan district
  • Ishigli, Muradkhanli, Milanli villages of Gubadli district.

4 November

  • Mirak, Kavdar villages of Jabrayil district
  • Mashadiismayilli, Shafibayli villages of Zangilan district
  • Basharat, Garakishilar, Garajalli villages of Gubadli district.

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