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On the end of ceremony of signing of the documents, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and the Federal Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroeder have held a news conference. Head of the government of Germany and the President of Azerbaijan have made statements.


- Dear ladies and gentlemen!

I want to note that I am very glad to welcome here the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. It is pleased because Mr. Aliyev after election as the President has arrived here with the first official visit. Political relations between Azerbaijan and Germany are at a fine high level. I think, that Mr. President is very much interested in creation in Azerbaijan of a lawful state, makes huge efforts for this purpose and has achieved successes. Therefore, I regard him with the deep respect. Due to the reforms, which are carried out in the country by Mr. Ilham Aliyev, surprising results have been achieved, in good sense. And it gives a strong pulse to development of economy, and all this will go to the blessing of the Azerbaijan society.

As of political question, I can tell, that Germany, as before, and today is the partner of Azerbaijan, has recognized and will recognize territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. We concern to this with huge respect. Mr. President, and I count, that the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorny Karabakh conflict should be settled only by peace way. Germany will make its contribution and make efforts within the framework of activity of the OSCE Minsk Group.

Today, all of us became witnesses of signing of the contract concerning purchase of four airbuses that serves as display of our economic relations. Azerbaijan also counts the given contract extremely serious. Certainly, the purpose consists in integration into Europe. At the same time, the question is realization of the EU New Neighborhood Policy. It follows great purposes.

I want to note also activity of the German companies in Azerbaijan. At our meeting Mr. President has noted, that there are fine conditions for cooperation and interactions with the German companies in power and infrastructure spheres, and he welcomes them in Azerbaijan!” For example, such companies, as "Siemens", is interested in realization there of some projects.

Within the framework of negotiations we came to an agreement that in the coming autumn or in the beginning of the next year to carry out in Berlin a conference with participation of representatives of the German economy in connection with investments in Azerbaijan. In the conference, discussed were real opportunities existing in Azerbaijan, particularly, concrete projects so that we have started close economic cooperation. I am absolutely confident, that visit of Mr. president to Germany is useful to both sides and will do well for both sides.


- Dear ladies and gentlemen!

First of all, I want to note, that it is my first official visit to Federal Republic of Germany, and I am very glad, that it passes at very high level. Within the framework of visit today in the morning I have met the President of Germany. Besides my meeting with Mr. Federal Chancellor today has taken place. I want to note, that the wide exchange of opinions has been carried out. The German-Azerbaijan mutual relations were discussed.

Relations of Azerbaijan with the European Union promptly develop. It satisfies both the European Union and us. Germany is one of the leading countries of Europe and the world and possesses very powerful economic potential.

Due to the carried out in the last years in Azerbaijan economic reforms, our country, too, has got stronger, our economic potential every year grows. The authority of Azerbaijan on our region both with economic, and from the political point of view grows and its positions become stronger. Certainly, taking into account it, we hope, that after present visit cooperation existing between the two countries in all areas becomes even wider. We very much hope, that connections between Germany and Azerbaijan in political, economic and in all other spheres became even wider, more strong, and that two countries became closer each other.

We also had exchange of views on concrete projects. Today, the contract about purchase of airbuses has been signed. Mr. Chancellor has noted, that this contract is extremely important both for Azerbaijan, and for the European countries. It is confident, that henceforth our cooperation with Europe will develop even more promptly and in other branches.

We are very pleased with the position of the government of Germany in the question of the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorny Karabakh conflict. Today, Mr. Chancellor has noted that Germany always has faithfully concerned and nowadays concerns the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. I hope, that being guided by the mentioned principle, it will be shortly possible to achieve peace settlement of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

There is a fine ground for the even greater development of mutual relations, and the present visit has defined new directions of the future cooperation. I want to express confidence, that we and henceforth shall cooperate successfully in all areas.


Then, the Presidents answered questions of media representatives.

Q: Mr. Chancellor, you have noted that economic relations between Azerbaijan and Germany are at a high level. And what situation in the field of culture? If it is necessary to develop connections and in this area, what you for this purpose would undertake?

GERHARD SCHROEDER: I always considered, that it is impossible to differentiate the relations between the countries. Irrespective of, whether there is a speech about policy or economy, it is necessary to concern with respect to each sphere as it makes a basis of fruitful cooperation and friendship. Also cultural cooperation with Azerbaijan, therefore, is extremely important. Unfortunately, in this case I cannot tell, what particularly it means in this area. But if in this sphere this or that initiative will be put forward, I am ready to support it. I think, that we can approach with optimism to the mentioned question as your possession of German language at so high level testifies to how far we have promoted in the field of culture.

Q: Mr. President, you have noted, that the Nagorny Karabakh conflict can be settled in the political way. What means are necessary for this purpose?

ILHAM ALIYEV: The first means consists that international legal norms should be observed. Armenia has occupied the Nagorny Karabakh region and adjacent to it our seven regions of Azerbaijan, and occupation continue already long years. Until the armed forces of Armenia will not be pulled back from the occupied lands, the conflict cannot find its settlement. Therefore, first of all, international legal norms should be observed. National minorities worldwide live, however, it does not mean at all, that they should follow the road of separatism. The various nations live in Azerbaijan, and the Armenians, too, can live in Nagorny Karabakh. If international legal norms will find realization and if the Azerbaijan lands will be released from occupation, Azerbaijan and Armenia can come nearer to the peace agreement. The thesis, which is put forward by the Armenian side, consists that the Armenians living in Nagorny Karabakh should gain independence. I want to state that the Armenian people has already gained independence, there is a state of Armenia. Their policy has no future; it contradicts processes proceeding in the world. I hope, that the management of Armenia shortly will understand it and will remove the armed forces from the lands not belonging to them.

Q: Southern Caucasus integrates into the European family, it is already counted a part of Europe, and however the European Union has not stated concrete position in connection with conflicts on Southern Caucasus, including the Nagorny Karabakh conflict. Germany is one of the leading states of the world, with a notable weight in the European Union, the European parliament. What role in this sense Germany can play?

GERHARD SCHROEDER: If the European Parliament will directly interfere with the given question it can regard as intervention in the policy of the said states. I during conversation with Mr. President have noted, that we always recognized territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, and our position remains unchanged. I think, that such position is held not only by us, but also by the European parliament.

Q: Did You have exchange of views on combat against the international terrorism? What can you tell in connection with last air crashes in Russia?

GERHARD SCHROEDER: Unfortunately, I have no exact information on the air crashes, and investigations, probably, are conducted, therefore, I would not like to suppose discrepancies. The reasons of accidents will be known after investigations.


On August 25, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has received in his residence members of the Bundestag of Germany.

This very day in the evening, the Company "Siemens" arranged a banquet in honor of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. During the banquet, there were heads of the leading German companies and concerns.

Official visit of the President of Azerbaijan to Germany continues.

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